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Agents Of Abhorrence intie

I first saw Agents Of Abhorrence when they came to Italy with Potop. I was amazed by the great energy they had, so I spoke with their drummer, Max, that was so cool to accept to make an intie. I suggest you to check em out since they'll make your ears bleed!!!

1- Hi guys, how's life?

BEN: great. its 5am and i cant sleep due to jetlag so why not catch up on the ole emails eh?!
MAX: Tired. No sleep. Straight back to work after tour. Post tour Depression.

2- Tell us some more about Agents Of Abhorrence, when did you start?
Why? How many releases have you put out so far? What are the future plans?

BEN: jan 2004 after a random late night text message i sent to crumber (max) regarding starting a "flat out hardcore grind project")
the rest is well, history. we done a tape demo, covert lobotomy 9", split 7" with Iron Lung, Character Dissection CD / LP, Eart, Water, Sun CD and two split recordings that are never gonna come out.....sigh.....
MAX: We started cos we are old friends who like the same music. The first few years we were a 2 piece. On the demo, 9" and split 7" with Iron Lung it was just Ben on guitar and Me on drums and vocals. Then we got Grant Andrew Johns aka Jason on board for his sensual throat. Everything since then record and live has been better for AOA. The splits may come out. We have had bad luck. A split with Insect Warfare (r.i.p) and Extortion should be out. Should being the operative word!!!

3- What are your biggest influences? What were your first grindcore
bands? What about new ones?

BEN: i only really listen to what i would call classic grind. Axis, Nasum, Regurgitate etc; Australian grind is up there with the best of em though, obviously. Roskopp are unbelievable.
MAX: I only listen to soul and funk. My first taste of grindcore was local melbourne bands like Open Wound, The Kill, Vaginal Carnage, Warsore, Magnacite, fallout, Stammench. Right now it has to be amazing to get my attention. Recently I've been listening to Mortalized, GATE, Looking for an answer, Roskopp and maybe a few others.

4- How about Australia? Do you have/play a lot of gigs there? Any Oz
band you would reccomend? Did you enjoy yourself during your Euro tour?

BEN: Australia, esp Melbourne has a flourishing grind scene. bands such as Roskopp, the Kill, Fuck...I'm Dead and Doubled Over are all totally killer no filler. lots of gigs yes. Very different to Europe but i love Europe so much it would be hard to say anything bad about our experiences there. loved it!
MAX: Other bands you can check out are: Super Happy Fun Slide, Extortion, Crux, Die Pigeon Die, Garbage Guts, The Day Everything Became nothing, Dad They Broke Me, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace, Pathetic Human, Undinism and the mighty Captain Cleanoff. Plus the ones Ben Said.

5- Do you like other kinds of music beside grindcore? What are the
albums you've been listening to lately?

BEN: hell yes! i just got a double GROWING live LP that rules, i listen to a lot of noise and, for want of a better word, experimental stuff. it really gets me off. also, the new Cold Play single is fucking stella. no joke.
MAX: Hell yes. I'm listening to the new Roots Manuva album - fantastic. I love soul, jazz, hip hop and funk records - always have.

6- What are your main hobbies? Do you watch a lot of movies?

BEN: many movies, mainly romantic comedies starring Cameron Diaz or Ben Stiller but preferably both. he has big silly ears.
MAX: Romance and Comedy are the 2 best things in life. Especially on film. I don't have enough of either in my life so I watch Ben Stiller and his ears. Hobbies..I skate when the weather is nice. Buy records allot.

7- Man Is The Bastard or No Comment? Nasum or Retaliation? Grind or

BEN: MITB, NASUM and Grindcore.
MAX: No Comment, Nasum (although I love retaliation), Grindcore. Fuck try hard power violence scenes. Boring idiots.

8- Ok thanks for everything bro! Last comments?
MAX: Thanks my friend. Keep europe fun.

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