sabato 30 agosto 2008


***Compost- Frigoverre demo cd-r, self released
Hailing from Rome, here's the demo of Compost, a goregrind trio.
The demo consists of 8 tracks, some titles are pathologic, some others are about fun like "Bong" or "We are veget-arians"
The sound of this demo is really good if you consider it's a demo, nice studio recording and clear sounds. The vocals are most of the times piggy, reminding of the style of some brutal death bands, the only time pitch shifter is used is in the short songs "Bong" and "Uaui". Guitars and bass create a good souding filth, but sometimes, in my opinion, the riffs are a bit too "metal" and this create a strange sound, imagine to have Gut sounding guitars but with metal riffs (the clearest example is the song "Syphilistic suffering"). Drums mainly focuses on mid tempos but blasts are part of the songs too, the drumming kinda reminds me of some CBT tempos.
Best songs are "Intercooler", "Ergotism" and "Uaui", but also the rock n roll vibe of the intro of "We are veget-arians" is enjoyable.
Considering that this is a demo it's a good release, the only things I suggest are:
-Piggy vocals are sometimes boring if used for a long time, so try to insert some variations
-Some riffs are too metal and weak for the genre, so try to make more powerful ones next time!!
You can contact them on Compost myspace page

Here is the demo (downloadable for free so say thanks to Compost!!!)

domenica 24 agosto 2008

martedì 19 agosto 2008

Uploads for the masses

Some more links for you!

-Anal Massaker
Split demo tape between the german gods and the czech freaks. Noisecore for your ears!!

-Maximo Volumen- Demo tape 1987, Self released
Demo tape of this old hc band from Spain, really intense, check it out!

-Comrades/Dudman split 7'' 1998, Denied A Custom records
Japanese fastcore freaks meet Italian grindcore comrades!

-C.F.D.L./Hellnation 7'' 1994, Sound Pollution records

Thrash punkers from Japan CFDL versus Hellnation, American angry thrashcore

mercoledì 6 agosto 2008

Let's start this cd in the name of Gut

***2 Minuta Dreka- Let's start a porn in the name of gore cd, Half Life recs.
This is the first full lenght of the italian answer to Gut, 21 tracks with 5 covers, 2 from Meat Shits (Hermaphrodite nightmare & Regurgitated semen), 1 from Haemorrhage (I'm a pathologist), 1 from Fear Of God (2 sides of the coin) and one from Gut (Perpetual sperm injection).
Lot of intros from various films too, from Troma films to Clerks, to random porn samples.
Titles are like Blood Bukkake, Semen Demon, Headcrashed Blowjob and some are in Italian too.
The music is a lethal mix of blasting parts with tupa-tupa and mid tempos, and some songs are pure noisecore since they last like 4 seconds.
The voice is always shifted and sometimes it has some well done parts with high vocals too, the guitars are powerful and the riffs are a bit metalish reminding of some of the primitive bands like Impetigo. The positive thing in my opinion are the drums, that are more focused on blasting parts than mid tempos, even if slow parts are not missing, think of a Gut bit a little bit fastened and raw and you got the 2 Minuta Dreka sound, and this is also because of the solid guitar work.
The only thing that could be annoying are the intros, sometimes longer than the song itself, but if you like Impetigo, you won't bother about it.
Well, in my opinion this release is a solid one, and it's worth buying if you are a porno/gore freak, because it's one of the few non cyber bands in the "scene" and it doesn't sound like lego adverts.
If you like spending your money on the new Gut's bullcrap go on, but if you were disapponted check this out.
You can get your copy from Half Life records.

martedì 5 agosto 2008

Hypo Christians intie

Back again with another intie, this time with the grindcore crushing duo called "Hypo Christians" from Texas, USA, check them out

1- Hey guys! How's life?

We have a hurricane coming right at us while i'm answering this interrogation so other than that things are ok.

2- Introduce us to Hypo Christians, how long have you been playing? How many records you have so far? I heard the tracks on myspace from the upcoming album and i really liked them, they remind me a bit of Bile and some goregrind bands, when will it come out? Who will release it? What are the next plans after "Terror during prayer"?

HC was formed by Francisco(me) and Ray back in 94. From 95 to 2004 I was the only member of the band. I released lots of tapes, split tapes, compilations, etc. In 2005 Sal(vocals), Ruben(bass), and Billy(guitar) joined. This line up has recorded two 7inches and 1 LP. DOn't know who the hell Bile is. Goregrind? hahaha!! OUr LP will be out hopefully by year's end. CD version will be released by Menace to SObriety . LP version will be released by Haunted Hotel Records. More recordings to come.

3- How you first discovered grindcore and extreme music? What are your favourite bands? Top 5 grindcore albums?Do you think that grindcore nowadays is dead?

I got into extreme grindcore back in the late 80's by reading about bands in magazines and also from friends. I hate top 5 questions but probably my all time favorite grindcore album is "Reek of Putrefaction". I don't keep up with many bands these days. I hear all kinds of bands calling themselves grindcore but doesn't sound like grindcore to me. There is one band that is somewhat newer that i really enjoy. It is PLF from Houston, TX. Other than that i don't give a shit.

4- I was always amazed by the amazing drawings by Ray, they remind me of Pushead's work, what other artists influence your drawings?

Ray rules! He and i have been friends for 20 years or so and ever since i have know him he has been able to draw sick fucking artwork. He is definitely influenced by Pushead but that's definitely a good thing. OUr Lp cover was drawn by our friend Robert Mena. This is one sick individual. I'm pretty sure these are the only two artists that I will ever ask to do artwork for HC.

5- What about gigs in the USA? Do you play a lot of gigs there? What bands would you like to play with?

We've played some shows. NOt too many. I don't have any preference as to who I'd like to play with but we've played with some cool bands like Lethal Aggression, Insecticide, Deceased, Endless Demise, PLF, and others.

6- Where does your hate from Christianity comes from? Do you think the Vatican should be nuked?

If you grow up in Texas christianity is forced on you from birth. Never cared for someone trying to tell me how to live my life. I don't care for any religion but since christianity is what is around me then naturally that's what i tend to write about. Nuking would be too easy on the people inside. Just throw everyone in, chain up the doors and burn the fucker to the ground.

7- What are your hobbies behind music and sodomizing nuns?

Spending time with my family is all i do besides music.

8- Ok, thanks a lot for the intie, last comments?

Thanx and people need to buy vinyl. I love vinyl and hope it never goes away. Also, all you dumbasses who have these "myspace" bands need to quit it. Put out an actual release. hell, write some songs atleast. On second thought, don't write anything and GO AWAY!!