sabato 31 maggio 2008

Donys Mokualg- Promo 2008

***Donys Mokualg- Promo 2008
This album is pure schizophrenia! 9 tracks of crazy drum machine madness!
The songs are short but really intense, in fact in every song there's a really strange mixture of fast drum computer, synth effects, and sometimes some piano notes, it's really strange but if you like experimentation, this one is one worth listening, in my opinion.
The songs consist of drums blast mixed with strange synth effects, sometimes also piano and guitar lines.
This album it's like an alien punch in the guts, really intense, fast and crazy.
No voices here, so everything's instrumental, which is a good choice, because in this case the vocals would have been boring
The only thing I think it's a bit "overused" it's the intro of the first track that is repeated at the begginning and at the end of every song.
I can't think of similar bands to it, the sound of some synths remind me some Locust, the drums are kind of an Agoraphobic Nosebleed album but expect something different as regards the whole sound.
So if you like experimental stuff you'll surely like this, contact to get it.