giovedì 31 luglio 2008

A GxNx review...

***Final Exit- Seasons are going and going...and lives goes on mcd 3'', Rage For All records
Since I first get this piece of Noisecore in my hands I was amazed by the cool and small digipack!!
It's a 3'' mcd with 3'' digipack artwork, with pics of different seasons in it.
There are 12 songs on it, every one named with a name of a month and 2 months actually are (bits of) covers from other bands: one is an Iron Maiden's Ace's high and the other is Be my baby by Complex.
What has always amazed me, and it's part of FxEx's genius, is the ability to play different kinds of music in the same song.
Here we have 12 tracks of pure musical schizophrenia, we have metal, surf, pop riffs always interrupted by the great wall of noisecore they're able to create with their instruments and drumming.
The song "May" starts with a melodic piece that could have been written by The Cure itself (it reminds me "Boys Don't Cry"), and the song "Be my baby" has some clean sang parts too, while "February" starts with a peaceful guitar arpeggio, and then it has a slow part reminding me of "Steppin' stone" by the Monkees, and it totally fits with the concept that every month is different, as every song on this recording!
The recording has a clean sound too, and even when they start to make noise the sound is not too weak, so, in my opinion it's perfect.
If you ask me Final Exit are in my top noisecore bands, if you don't know them you'd better check them out, or else you're missing one of the best bands around, they never sound boring to my ears.
Get your copy of this mcd writing at:

Another upload!

This is for henrysugly who requested some of this stuff, so hope you'll like it (and leave a fucken comment :P)!!

-Fear Of God
-Napalm Death
These are the parts of the split tape Napalm Death/Fear Of God/Ripcord/Total Mosh Project, recorded live in Geislingen 07.01.87
Do we need some introduction for this cult bands?

-C.F.D.L.- Thrash punk 91 LP 1996, Overthrow records
Amazing LP of the Japanese punk thrashers C.F.D.L. also know for the splits with Spazz, Hellnation and Dischange

-Foetus Goulash- 8 anal accidents
Pre-Neuropathia, old school rotting goregrind from Poland

-Roarsach/Neanderthal split 7'' 1991, Vermiform records
This record came with the zine Dear Jesus #38, and both bands play powerviolence at its finest...I don't even know why I'm still introducing these two bands since they're total worth checking out without even thinking!

Also i was warned about this rip off:

Gang Up On Against intie

Here we are again, this time with a new Japanese grindcore band, Gang Up On Against.
My friend from Grind Block recs. passed me the link of their myspace, and i was pleased to discover them.
Basically they play grindcore with metalish guitar riffing...
Now let the words flow and the music blast

1- Hi Junji how's life in Japan?


2- Introduce us to Gang Up On Against. When you started? Why? Do you write lyrics in japanese? If yes what are the main subjects? Can you also list us your discography? What are your next planned releases?

It is that I began the band 1997.
RYOSUKE of a drums is an original member.
Then, We did that member change how many times.
now members are...
We were play fast music from the beginning.
The discography is planning the release from the label RAZOR SHARP DAGGERS REC of Malaysia.
It is just going to make the songs of a split with SMG now.
It may go for tour to Malaysia next year.

3- What are your main influences for Gang Up On Against? How you first got into grindcore? Do you like any other kind of music than grindcore?

brutal truth,discordance axis, napalm death,EYE HATE GOD,
no comment,charls bronson,capitalist casualties,Maniac high sence,nice view.........
I like various music.(hip hop,dub,breakcore,jazz,noise....

4- Do you play many live gigs in Japan? Are there many bands where you live? Any plans for tours?

GIG in Japan is 1 time or 2 times per month.
Since a guitarist's HARUKI is also giving a band called NORDE, the activity as GA is in two months also at the time of 1 time.

5- A lot of people has always been amazed by the top quality of Japanese old school bands, is the situation in Japan still good, or you regret past times?

Many wonderful bands are also in Japan now.
my friend and respect
NICE VIEW,Black ganion,order,turtle island,blood shot....

6- What are your hobbies beside music? I noticed that there's no intros (at least on the tracks i heard) in your songs, which is a pretty uncommon thing nowadays, why? Do you like watching movies?

Marijuana and LSD are taken in and it plays with a son.
i likes a movie of Japan.Takeshi Kitano and Shinya Tsukamoto...

7- Ok thanks for the intie, keep grinding guys!! Last comments?

I am playing the noise recently. It is my solo project "NOISECONCRETE"and my label "G13"

venerdì 25 luglio 2008

Some more songs

Ok here's another post for you, fatass nerds

-Corrupted live @ Fandango 97
-Corrupted live @ WFMU 97
Corrupted are an amazing doom/sludge band from Japan. If you don't know them be sure to check em out, you really have to do it!!

-Heresy live @ Jugendhaus, Geislingen 1987
Does anyone needs to know more about the British thrashcorers Heresy? Thrashcore straight in your face!!! (i obviously mean thrashcore as it was intended years ago= fast raging hc

-Feculent Goretomb- Demo cd-r 2000, Self released

Goregrind from Brazil!! I like them a lot because they really have some fast parts

-Total Mosh Project- Vegetable's life cd
German Death/Grind/Thrash and you got them!

-Corpse Grinding Machine- Stuff for never released ep with Ventilator

German old school noisecore, check it out!


sabato 19 luglio 2008

the scumback

Been busy working in the last months, so i could raise some money to go on holiday...
Thanks to my friends from Gustorana! zine I was able to go to Obscene Extreme, it was such fun, loads of grind freaks there, really good bands (Mesrine, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Gonorrhea Pussy, Extreme Noise Terror, Macabre), awesome distros and good cheap beer!!!
Lately I've also been listening to a lot of different music, mainly Thrash/Death metal old school bands such as Sacrifice, Sacrilege, Slaughter, Possessed, Cynic, Obliveon, Death, and a bit of first wave of black metal bands too (Hellhammer, Bathory,Venom,Celtic Frost)...

Now there's a gift for you freaks:

Carnal Tomb- Flatulent edemas of ejaculation tape (pre CBT) Pre Cock And Ball Torture, basically it's brutal death metal, some stuff reminds me a bit of Cannibal Corpse.

Crematory- Wrath of the unknown tape (pre Regurgitate) Old school death metal from Regurgitate members!! This is Swedish Crematory!!

Fear Of Godstomper split 7''
Godstomper are a powerviolence/grind duo from Cali and delivers us 3 cover tracks
Fear Of God are the almighty grindcore godz and has some old tracks from live sets

Pandemonium- Wir fahren ins grüne 7''
Re-release of a 7'' from this amazing old school Dutch band!! Fast and raw stuff, reminds me of Lärm

and if you want I just made a profile

Enjoy and comment!!