giovedì 31 luglio 2008

Another upload!

This is for henrysugly who requested some of this stuff, so hope you'll like it (and leave a fucken comment :P)!!

-Fear Of God
-Napalm Death
These are the parts of the split tape Napalm Death/Fear Of God/Ripcord/Total Mosh Project, recorded live in Geislingen 07.01.87
Do we need some introduction for this cult bands?

-C.F.D.L.- Thrash punk 91 LP 1996, Overthrow records
Amazing LP of the Japanese punk thrashers C.F.D.L. also know for the splits with Spazz, Hellnation and Dischange

-Foetus Goulash- 8 anal accidents
Pre-Neuropathia, old school rotting goregrind from Poland

-Roarsach/Neanderthal split 7'' 1991, Vermiform records
This record came with the zine Dear Jesus #38, and both bands play powerviolence at its finest...I don't even know why I'm still introducing these two bands since they're total worth checking out without even thinking!

Also i was warned about this rip off:

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Henrysugly ha detto...

FUCK YEAH, thanks alot dude, im downloading that shit rightnow, hope you get to find the Total Mosh Project park:), well hope i can find the tape too take care

Fibro ha detto...

no problem bro, hope to find that one too!

Anonimo ha detto...

ohh sweet man, great stuff here. keep up the good work!

PiuCrust ha detto...

Thanks !!! Fear of god,Ripcord and Total mosh project is very insane one hug from Brazil !!! Visit my blog to,
See you later....