lunedì 29 dicembre 2008

Mesrine intie

Hey readers! This time I wanted to ask a few questions to Mesrine, grindcore from Quebec. I'm sure most of you know them, but if you don't be sure to check them out because they really play it fast and brutal!

1- Hey guys! Hows life?

DAN= Hey what's up? Life is alright, it's christmass time, lots of parties!

2- You're one of the best grindcore acts around nowadays, so when did you start? Why? What was your main aim back then? Are you guys involved in any other band?

DAN= Thanx for the nice words. We started in 1997 as a simple project, back then we just wanted to jam and have a bit of fun. I think it's still like this today but more serious. We are focused and always have some projects of new releases, gigs, tours etc. We keep ourselves busy to keep things interesting. We all have other bands, Fred and Steve play in a crossover type band called LICK ASS, Jack plays in a thrash metal band BOMBNATION and i play in another thrash metal band called ABÜSOR. All these bands have releases out and play shows. We have also been involved in other bands like Fistfuck and Dis-eased. Oh yeah i almost forgot, i'm also in DECHE-CHARGE the infamous noisecore band since 1990!!!

3- What are your main influences? When you first discovered grindcore? Do you think grindcore is dead? Any new band you would reccomend?

DAN= My influences have always been the same like old Napalm Death, old Agathocles, old Carcass, old E.N.T., Blood, Repulsion, Impetigo, Psycho etc. I first discovered grindcore in 1989 with Napalm Death 'Scum'. Grindcore is not and never was dead. There has always been a big active DIY underground scene. New bands i like are SAKATAT from Turkey, Carbonized 16 Year Old Victim (Canada), F.A.T.O. + G.O.D. (Canada), Death Toll 80K (Finland) + lots more all around the world.

4- How many releases have you put out so far? What are your favourite ones? Plans for the future? What about a split with Deche-Charge (eheheheh)?

DAN= I don't know how many releases, somewhere around 15 7" ep's, 3 full albums, one split LP/CD, afew split CD's, some tapes etc...too many to list here. I like the 'Shot To Death' 7", the 'I Choose Murder' CD etc... But i don't listen to our own stuff very much. We plan to record a new album by mid 2009. We have a few split releases planned for 2009 with bands like Iron Butter, Who's My Savior, Gorgonized Dorks, F.A.T.O., Sakatat. Also our first and third albums will come out on LP if all goes well.

5- How was your Obscene Extreme experience? Was it the first time there for you? I was lucky enough to see you and it was really fun, do you plan to come to tour Europe soon? What about Canada, are there a lot of shows? Any Canadian band you would reccomend?

DAN= OEF was awesome. Really great times there we met tons of cool people from all around the planet. A great experience. We might tour Europe again maybe in 2010 i don't know really. It's too early to say what we will do. We have toured Canada a couple of times mainly in 2007 we did a full tour all across the country. Now we play less often then we used to as we have been around for a while. When cool bands come around we like to play with them when possible.

6- Do you have any other hobbies besides playing fast? Do you listen to other kinds of music than grindcore? Do you watch a lot of movies?

DAN= Oh yeah we mostly don't listen to grindcore, i'm a big AC/DC fan and i love thrash metal (old school stuff). We are all into different types of stuff as well as grindcore. I'm not a big movie fan but there is a movie about Jacques Mesrine just out that i will see for sure. Horror/Gore movies? Who cares, it's boring to me. I prefer documentaries about killers.

7- Agathocles or Rot? Terrorizer or Carcass? Fear Of God or Napalm Death?

DAN= In order my faves are 1.Napalm Death 2.Agathocles 3.Carcass But all those bands are in the top of my list.

8- Ok, intie's over, thanks a lot for your disponibility, hope to see you in Italy soon!

DAN= Yes hopefully we can play in Italy on our next tour, that's our aim! Thanx for the interview, cheers.

Review special #2

For you freaks, a small review special! Enjoy!!

**Nonsense- Red i rad demo (Released as split tape with Praia De Vômito)
""Red i Rad" is about bringing back the anger and approach of traditional former Yugoslavian and worldwide hardcore trash. We are not "retro" or "old school", this sound is what we think is missing today, and for Nonsense it perfectly fits the harsh subjects that we are dealing with; life at Balkans, wars, corruption, ideological hypocrisy, and social decay. No preaching here, just the real life disillusion and despair. We follow no "scene" or any other rules for what we should think or play, this demo is our answer to all of that."
This is directly taken from the infos document I received with this demo. Gotta say I 100% agreee, and think this description fits with the whole demo.
I received this from Kktz, the vocalist.
It was recorded in 2008, but some songs were remakes of songs from previous projects involving Kktz and the other members, Gera and Dena, in the 90s.
Musically we have 7 tracks of fast and noisy hardcore with 3 covers bringing back to mind the old gods like Heresy, with touches of scandinavian stuff like Sekunda, all stuff that makes you want to tear down the walls in the room. Songs are mostly less than one minute long, the guitar is harsh but not too noisy, and it can be well heard while the drums are blasting. The vocals are screamed in a style that can remind of Discharge (not the ones of Grave New World, of course). There's no bass in this recording. The covers included are: "U.B.R." from the totally underrated yugo band U.B.R., "Vidim Krv" by Zenevski Dekret and a personal version with a slow chorus of "It's no t.v. sketch" by Discharge.
The lyrics are all in croatian, so i can't tell you exactly what they say (so just read what they wrote on the infos above).
Most of the times I'm disilluded when people speak about "old school hardcore", so I was really happy to see there's still people doing it like that.
In my opinion this piece of noise is really worth, at least, listening (at a loud volume), but I would definitely reccomend getting it in some way, cuz if you like it old and raw and you'll love this!
It's been released as a split tape with the Brazilian band Praia De Vômito by S.A.O.R.S. You can check them out on myspace too.

***C.S.M.D./Intumescence split 8'', N.F.L. Records
Bought this together with the 8'' split between C.S.M.D. and Deche-Charge, from NFL.
It's a lathe cut vinyl, there were only 46 copies of it. (Lathe cut vinyl is a kind of DIY vinyl made with a special machine)
C.S.M.D. stands for Crowd Surfers Must Die and they're a Dutch noisecore act, delivering us 35 tracks of psychedelic noisecore.
The music is a mixture of 7 M.O.N., Sore Throat but with a sci-fi touch, given by the use of a theremin, that creates an odd space atmosphere that fits well with the titles of the songs, that are mostly related to space, monsters and sci-fi movies. Some songs are even covers (?) with changed titles (Suffer the monster, Unchallenged monster).
No guitars here, but the noise is powerful anyway, so you won't miss the lack of 6 strings. Drums are blasting all the time and give you no time to take a breath from the noise immersion in the deep space.
On the other side there's Intumescence. Hailing from Netherlands too, they're the downtuned answer to old Carcass with a touch of early Napalm Death.
The sounds are really raw, and the downtuned riffs give with the mid tempos and the pitch shifted vocals give the songs a sludgy feeling. The blasting parts are amazing too, reminding of the old outbursts by early Carcass/Napalm Death but also Last Days Of Humanity, bringing to mind that rawness that amazes me everytime I play "Scum" by Napalm Death.
If you consider yourself a goregrind fan, then you don't have no excuses for not knowing them.
This record is surely a blast and both bands surely deserve higher consideration, because, in these days, we all need to hear refreshing stuff like this.
It's been re-released, as far as I know, together with C.S.M.D./Deche-Charge 8'', on a pro-printed cd-r, by N.F.L.
If I remember well the cd is limited to 200 copies so write to to get one.

***Grief- Tour 7'', Alerta Antifascista
This one was a special edition 7'' I got at the Grief show in Piacenza.
If you have missed them live, you missed a great live band, too bad the bands who played with them in Piacenza were not even musically close to them, so the venue was full of metal core straight edge guys screaming nonsense stuff about scene unity...Even Trap Them were not that impressive to me...
For those who don't know Grief is a Sludge/Doom band and it shared members with Disrupt (only the guitarist/singer now).
Anyway this 7'' contains 2 live songs recorded somewhere in time by someone (I'm quoting what's written on the inlay).
The 2 songs are "One of those days", the first track of "Miserably ever after", and "Fucked upstairs" from their first full-lenght "Dismal".
Both songs are recorded well and hit your ears with the slow fuzzy heavy pounding sound that wanna makes you bang your head till the end of the song. Too bad the bass is not too loud, but it's still a good recording.
Thumbs up for the cover (I actually love that drawing).
I don't really know how many copies of it exist but ask Alerta Antifascista. Check out Grief on myspace.

giovedì 25 dicembre 2008

New Repulsione CD out now!!!!

Here is a little Ad for the cd of my friends Repulsione from Bologna!!!
I drew the inlay panel in the booklet!


Repulsione's first ever studio recording album. New unreleased songs + complete session from split 7' with Sick Terror and A.O.N. + extra studio suff for a total of 23 songs! Fucking fast fast thrashing grind powerviolence from Italy! including covers of Rot, Patareni, Rupture and D.R.I.!!!!!


Purchase your copy messaging

Purchase your copy writing to

send money to

lunedì 22 dicembre 2008

Stuff to keep your winamp busy...

Here some stuff i ripped from my personal collection.
It's been a long time since i hadn't posted some downloadable stuff, so now that it's xmas i thought it would be a small, but enjoyable present for ya, readers.

-Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanx- Power violence R.I.P. 7'' , Thrashbot records

Fast powerviolence reminding of Charles Bronson, with Cattle Decapitation's bass player.

-Failure Face/E.B.S. split 12'' 1997, Burrito records
This split is a fucking underrated gem. Both bands play angry thrashcore that rip your ears, too bad nobody knows about both bands, especially E.B.S. (Everybody Sucks). E.B.S. side has a cover of Outo- I like cola, while Failure Face covers Negative Approach's Tied down. Thanks to the Space Ape of Noise aka Niels for this reccomendation!

-General Surgery- Demos 2x7'' 2004, Buio Omega records
Compilation of old demos from the Scandinavian answer to early Carcass, released in a nice done gatefold by Italian label Buio Omega. Raw, gory and fucking good.

-Nojsbojs- S/t 7'' 1996, Panx records
Rocking noisecore from Sweden, totally obscure band.

-Social Genocide- On the blink of destruction 7'', Peace Punk records
Post atomic crust from Austria, in the vein of Doom. Had a split with Cripple Bastards

Then it's time for some links i received:

Finally, as I promised,
it's time for Machinesaw, obscure and wallbreaking Industrial/Noise from Macedonia. Get their ep "Abomination of flesh" you'll feel like you're trapped in a middle of a working factory!!!

Then i received a mail from a Glasgow band called Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair. Hadn't got the time to listen to it, i just listened a few tracks on, it's a powerviolence duo, no bass, so here it is!!!

sabato 20 dicembre 2008

It's been a long time...

Hey readerz,
it's been a long time since i haven't posted here, mainly because of 2 reasons:
1- I moved to another town to do university and i got no internet in my flat
2- I always wanted to make new inties, reviews but had no time even in the weekends
So that's why now that i have a lil bit of time more i'm preparing some stuff...
Now i wanted to tell you about some links/blogs/friends
SORRY A TON with Machinesaw, will listen the stuff you sent me a lot of time ago this week!Sorry again!
I wanted to share with you the link of a great friend's blog that is listing and reviewing his musick collection.

Check it out cuz it's fucking well done.
Then if you like dark, atmospheric stuff check out Adamennon, he's a friend of mine
Here's Machinesaw, Harsh Noise/Industrial from Macedonia, check em out!!!
Then if you don't know them, and want a doze of harsh noisecore in vein of Sore Throat, Old Anal Cunt check out Atentat Na Sluh, and if you are related in some way to noisecore check Noisecore Worldwide
That's all for now folks! C ya!

edit: don't know if he's reading this blog, but thanks to Seanocide for his lastest uploads