lunedì 29 dicembre 2008

Mesrine intie

Hey readers! This time I wanted to ask a few questions to Mesrine, grindcore from Quebec. I'm sure most of you know them, but if you don't be sure to check them out because they really play it fast and brutal!

1- Hey guys! Hows life?

DAN= Hey what's up? Life is alright, it's christmass time, lots of parties!

2- You're one of the best grindcore acts around nowadays, so when did you start? Why? What was your main aim back then? Are you guys involved in any other band?

DAN= Thanx for the nice words. We started in 1997 as a simple project, back then we just wanted to jam and have a bit of fun. I think it's still like this today but more serious. We are focused and always have some projects of new releases, gigs, tours etc. We keep ourselves busy to keep things interesting. We all have other bands, Fred and Steve play in a crossover type band called LICK ASS, Jack plays in a thrash metal band BOMBNATION and i play in another thrash metal band called ABÜSOR. All these bands have releases out and play shows. We have also been involved in other bands like Fistfuck and Dis-eased. Oh yeah i almost forgot, i'm also in DECHE-CHARGE the infamous noisecore band since 1990!!!

3- What are your main influences? When you first discovered grindcore? Do you think grindcore is dead? Any new band you would reccomend?

DAN= My influences have always been the same like old Napalm Death, old Agathocles, old Carcass, old E.N.T., Blood, Repulsion, Impetigo, Psycho etc. I first discovered grindcore in 1989 with Napalm Death 'Scum'. Grindcore is not and never was dead. There has always been a big active DIY underground scene. New bands i like are SAKATAT from Turkey, Carbonized 16 Year Old Victim (Canada), F.A.T.O. + G.O.D. (Canada), Death Toll 80K (Finland) + lots more all around the world.

4- How many releases have you put out so far? What are your favourite ones? Plans for the future? What about a split with Deche-Charge (eheheheh)?

DAN= I don't know how many releases, somewhere around 15 7" ep's, 3 full albums, one split LP/CD, afew split CD's, some tapes etc...too many to list here. I like the 'Shot To Death' 7", the 'I Choose Murder' CD etc... But i don't listen to our own stuff very much. We plan to record a new album by mid 2009. We have a few split releases planned for 2009 with bands like Iron Butter, Who's My Savior, Gorgonized Dorks, F.A.T.O., Sakatat. Also our first and third albums will come out on LP if all goes well.

5- How was your Obscene Extreme experience? Was it the first time there for you? I was lucky enough to see you and it was really fun, do you plan to come to tour Europe soon? What about Canada, are there a lot of shows? Any Canadian band you would reccomend?

DAN= OEF was awesome. Really great times there we met tons of cool people from all around the planet. A great experience. We might tour Europe again maybe in 2010 i don't know really. It's too early to say what we will do. We have toured Canada a couple of times mainly in 2007 we did a full tour all across the country. Now we play less often then we used to as we have been around for a while. When cool bands come around we like to play with them when possible.

6- Do you have any other hobbies besides playing fast? Do you listen to other kinds of music than grindcore? Do you watch a lot of movies?

DAN= Oh yeah we mostly don't listen to grindcore, i'm a big AC/DC fan and i love thrash metal (old school stuff). We are all into different types of stuff as well as grindcore. I'm not a big movie fan but there is a movie about Jacques Mesrine just out that i will see for sure. Horror/Gore movies? Who cares, it's boring to me. I prefer documentaries about killers.

7- Agathocles or Rot? Terrorizer or Carcass? Fear Of God or Napalm Death?

DAN= In order my faves are 1.Napalm Death 2.Agathocles 3.Carcass But all those bands are in the top of my list.

8- Ok, intie's over, thanks a lot for your disponibility, hope to see you in Italy soon!

DAN= Yes hopefully we can play in Italy on our next tour, that's our aim! Thanx for the interview, cheers.

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