martedì 14 giugno 2011

The Silence Corner

After so much silence I think it's pretty clear to everyone that new reviews will not come in a short time. I am too lazy and I lost pretty much all my inspiration. I will just continue writing some stuff for Flagello zine, but keeping a whole blog of reviews and inties now seems a bit too ambitious for me. It's much time I am not getting new records and, even if I get something, the chances of me thinking "Hey, I want to review this really badly" happened once or twice. And when happened I didn't review it either because I'm too lazy and mostly busy doing other stuff, like trying to study some bass and stuff like that.

An honorable mention goes to Od Vratot Nadolu's "Živa" released by Fuck Yoga. If you like to hear some pounding primitive stuff you definitely can't miss this one. It's a mutant beast of depression and thick sludge folded in abrasive paper. No guitar in here, so you know it's yummy. If you are still not craving for it, I'm sorry for you.

Another album that struck me is totally different from the abovementioned, is Broken Water's "Whet", released last year on Night People and now repressed on Perennial. Ethereal shoegazer with an acid twist. When I hear the innocent girl voice I really go crazy. It's psychedelic yet energic, like seeing fireworks underwater, if you get the idea. If not it means you're sane.

And now it's time for albums' and demos' submissions.

The first demo is by The Lärves, an harsh raw d-beat band from Finland. As you can guess from the cover Disclose is loved and worshipped. Really anguished vocals.

Now it's time for some Swiss grindcore. Sick Trip hails from Luzern and their breakdowns mixed with blasts are sure to please grindcore/powerviolence stoners. Neck breaking and weed stinking.

Absolutist, from the UK, hails with some metallic hardcore with a blackened crust touch. 4 tracks sure to please especially neocrust fans.

From the UK too, Sufferinfuck delivers a fucked up dose of raw uncompromising grindcore fastness. 10 tracks. Like being punched.

From Ireland here's Contort: a good dose of nuclear addiction and contempt for the authority. Soaked in beer and larsens.

From Ecuador, Gale. Thrashy crustcore flavoured with a strong punk feeling. Get their 2010 EP and other stuff from Pluteras recs.

Also, check out Terrorismo? from Brazil. Raw guttural grindcore with a death metal buzzsaw guitar sound.