lunedì 22 dicembre 2008

Stuff to keep your winamp busy...

Here some stuff i ripped from my personal collection.
It's been a long time since i hadn't posted some downloadable stuff, so now that it's xmas i thought it would be a small, but enjoyable present for ya, readers.

-Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanx- Power violence R.I.P. 7'' , Thrashbot records

Fast powerviolence reminding of Charles Bronson, with Cattle Decapitation's bass player.

-Failure Face/E.B.S. split 12'' 1997, Burrito records
This split is a fucking underrated gem. Both bands play angry thrashcore that rip your ears, too bad nobody knows about both bands, especially E.B.S. (Everybody Sucks). E.B.S. side has a cover of Outo- I like cola, while Failure Face covers Negative Approach's Tied down. Thanks to the Space Ape of Noise aka Niels for this reccomendation!

-General Surgery- Demos 2x7'' 2004, Buio Omega records
Compilation of old demos from the Scandinavian answer to early Carcass, released in a nice done gatefold by Italian label Buio Omega. Raw, gory and fucking good.

-Nojsbojs- S/t 7'' 1996, Panx records
Rocking noisecore from Sweden, totally obscure band.

-Social Genocide- On the blink of destruction 7'', Peace Punk records
Post atomic crust from Austria, in the vein of Doom. Had a split with Cripple Bastards

Then it's time for some links i received:

Finally, as I promised,
it's time for Machinesaw, obscure and wallbreaking Industrial/Noise from Macedonia. Get their ep "Abomination of flesh" you'll feel like you're trapped in a middle of a working factory!!!

Then i received a mail from a Glasgow band called Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair. Hadn't got the time to listen to it, i just listened a few tracks on, it's a powerviolence duo, no bass, so here it is!!!

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