lunedì 14 aprile 2008

Help a friend!

A friend of mine is selling these records:


Masskotrnoll/Battle of disarm 8” flexi

Disfear s/t

Extinction of mankind “weakness”

Warcollapse “massgenocide”/Extinction of mankind split

Warcollapse “indoctri-nation”

Skitsystem/Cyness split

Doom “monarchy zoo”

Rupture “soap farm”


Comrades/K.g.c split

Katastrofialue “ vapaus on vankila”

Extinction of mankind “scars of mankind still weep”

Extinction of mankind / Doom split

Disrupt “smash division”

Autoritar s/t

Looking for an answer/comrades split

Diskonto “ diyanarchoharcorepunk”

Driller killer/simbiose split

Caustic Christ

Cluster bomb unit “…and the dirty little weapons”


Mass genocide process/see you in hell split

Tragedy/totalitar split

Dodsdomd “ seven deadly sins”

Riistetyt “kahleet”

Discolose “a mass of raw sound assault”

Toxic Narcotic/The unseen split

Dread 101/Vir split

Repulsione – satana

Uncurbed/my cold embrace split


Extinction of mankind “baptised in shit”

Deprived “ collection”

Upset noise “growing up”

Dropdead “discography”

Inepsy “ city weapons”

Nausea “extinction”

Extinction of mankind/ misery split

Infest – no man’s slave


Driller Killer - fuck the world x2 10euro

Driller killer - reality bites 10euro

100% hardcore punk – collezione migliori gruppi punk/hc 8 euro

Anthrax – the collection 7 euro

Caustic christ – can’t relate x2 10 euro

Agnostic front – some things gotta give 10 euro

Totenmond – richtbringer 8 euro

Rambo – bring it ( cd+dvd) x2 15euro

Skitsystem – gra varld / svarta tankar x2 10 euro

Hobophobic/sfc split x5 7 euro

Straitght opposition – step by step 5 euro

Disgust – brutality of war 10 euro

Doom – total doom 12 euro

Behind enemy lines – know your enemy 10 euro

Agnostic front – up start 10 euro

Porno riviste – tensione 16 5 euro

Rancid – and out come the wolves 8 euro

Discharge – the final blood bath 10 euro

Wolfpack – all day hell 10euro

Sham 69 – the best of 10 euro

Impact – 80/87 collection 10 euro

Black flag – no deposit no retur (doppio cd) 15 euro

Mdc – 1981/1987 collection 13 euro


Sbarbacazzi grinder – little pigs of hate x3 2euro

A one girl band called alda – il mio fottuto primo disco 2euro

Anti sociali – homo sapiens/homo killer x3 2euro

Born to die – demo 2k6 2euro

Masscons - approccio nevrotico 2euro

Milizia hc – militant hardcore 2euro

Tsubo – promo 2euro

If you're interested contact