martedì 22 gennaio 2008

Protest's not a moooooooode

***Cripple Bastards/$ocial Genocide split 7'', A.D.P. records
This ep was recorded when Cripple Bastards were more punk/hc influenced, their side was recorded in december 1993 by A.D.P, an italian label.
I feel like i had to review this because Cripple Bastards were the first grind band i listened and they made me discover the italian hc bands of the 80s like Wretched and Negazione, so i had to write at least a review of their works.
As they say on the A4 inlay enclosed on the vinyl they play fast and raging punk/hardcore, not grindcore.
6 pieces of raw and fast hardcore, with 2 covers. One is Isto è olho seco by Olho Seco from Brazil and the other, which is the last track is Huutoja by Varaus, one of the many punk/hc bands that were active in Finland in the 80s. The other tracks were composed by Giulio & CB and they have socio-political lyrics.
There's also a short (5 seconds) song about punks from Asti, and there's a commentary about fashion and protesting in the inlay.
The songs are recorded pretty well, but the drums blast and the voice cover the guitar and bass, that are almost unhearable. The guitar sound is really cool, distorted and raw, it reminds me of a dentist drill. Bass is not much distorted, but it fits with the style of their songs.
If you like old school hardcore and punkish stuff you will love this recording.
On the other side there's $ocial Genocide from Austria.
$ocial Genocide plays crust a là Doom, the lyrics themes are the typicals of the crust genre, anti war, nuclear, patriotism etc.
The recording is not bad, the drums are a bit low but not that much. The sound as i said previously is not that different from that fast and raw mix played by Doom, but they play it in a good way so if you like that style you'll like it.
Unfortunately the only way to get it nowadays is via Ebay or, if you're lucky enough, via trading.

Cripple Bastards "Frightened neglected" side tracklist:
2)Isto è olho seco (Olho Seco cover)
4)Radije Volim
5)Asti punks
6)Huutoja (Varaus cover)

Social Genocide "Stupid patriotism" tracklist:
1)Modern world
2)Social genocide
3)Nuclear war
4)Stupid patriotism

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