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Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage intie 3/02/2008

Since Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage was one of the greatest, in my opinion, oneman goregrind acts, i decided to interview Kyle, the guy behind DH.
DH, for those who don't know them, were ultra fast drum-machine goregrind with pitch shifted gurgrling vocals. The main subject of the band was gore/pathology
you can hear them from the UNOFFICIAL myspace:

1-Hey Kyle, how's going? What are you doing now that DH is not active anymore?

Cheers! I've been busy working labor jobs and not doing much else. You know, "life goes on". 2007 was a miserable year of nothing but low-paid grueling work especially. Only music got me through it all.

2-How you first got into extreme music? What was your first band? What was your first thought when you listened to goregrind?

I can never really remember where my interest first started. I started out liking the simplicity of punk and hard rock, and naturally gravitated more towards the heavier bludgeon of hardcore and metal. College radio broadcasts and music/guitar magazines were most essential growing up. I heard stuff like MORBID ANGEL, ENEMY SOIL, NAPALM DEATH, A.C., and BRUTAL TRUTH through local radio and there was no way back after that. My first band was some nameless group with local buddies, and we played some kind of "alternative rock" train wreck. The drummer liked some metal and I tried getting him into more extreme stuff to no avail, and eventually it fell apart. Never played in any bands with a full line-up since then. The first goregrind song I heard was probably "Psychopathologist", and I needed to hear more like it right away.

3-Speaking about DH now, how long have you been active? Why you started to do it and what were your main influences? What were the bands, when you were active, that you admired more?

DH was active for about 5 years ('99 to '04). The impetus for the project mostly came out of a frenzy to hear more grind/gore material since I didn't have a great deal of money to spend at the time on cds and vinyl. So I had to do it all for myself and by myself. Main influences were not too surprising: CARCASS, ND, RGTE, ANAL CUNT (in the earlier years), AGx, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, etc. That list grew, of course. I ripped off more bands' riffs that I can even count.

4-Was your music influenced by horror flicks? Were them important for your "inspiration" when you wrote songs? If yes, what are your favourites movies?

There were a few titles obviously influenced by movies, but even more influence came from true crime, pathology, and the atmosphere of older gore bands' content, needless to say. I still love horror but I'm more into 70's action and crime movies these days. Recently I've been into film noir like THE BIG HEAT, M, and THE KILLERS. There's a real lasting brutality and grittiness to that stuff that I'm a sucker for. My favorite movies are still TAXI DRIVER and the original DAWN OF THE DEAD and I'd be surprised if this ever changed. And there's always room for pure sleaze like PATRICK STILL LIVES, HITCH-HIKE, or DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE...

5-How about today's "gore scene"? I heard a lot of complaints about the so called "Myspace scene", what do you think of it? How was the "scene" compared to now when you were still doing sick goregrind? What do you think of all these bands hating "fags"?

I've been searching up and down, but there just isn't much goregrind today that gives me that old "rush". Everyone wants to call their bands goregrind but there's such a rarity in those who actually play it. The focus on just "speed" or "brutality" these days is making things boring. On the bright side, I think INTUMESCENCE is incredible. Their style is absolutely perfect. MAGGUT, AUTOPHAGIA, BLUE HOLOCAUST, BODIES LAY BROKEN, LYMPHATIC PHLEGM, and N.V.E. all did annihilating albums as well. Around the time the scene became almost strictly based around computers and internet, there was a bit of a decline in my opinion. I do understand why Myspace is popular; because it's free, simple, and easy to access - much preferable to a primitive Geocities or cjb page with pop-up ads, download limits, and redirects. However, the whole clusterfuck of promotion, the "trading card" friend system, and endless parade of poseurdom is impossible to tolerate. I haven't been up on what the new anti-PC or PC trends are, but I'm sure they're still pathetic and hypocritical as usual.

6-Do you like different music other than grindcore/noisecore/goregrind?

Absolutely! Everything from speed metal to disco. One of my favorite bands of all time is still UNSANE. Still one of the most punishing and focused bands ever in my opinion. And anyone close to me knows that I've been a real fanatic over all sorts of obscure 80's synth stuff for many years. On the more brutal side, I listen to a regular diet of primitive black/death metal and early power-electronics / industrial.

7-I heard you were involved in other projects such as Septic Scum, would you like to tell us about it? It was the only one you had or you had others? You had any pre-DH bands? Will the future brings us surprises? Are you planning to start doing music again?

SEPTIC SCUM was basically an experiment in "triplet" blasts. More influenced by HERESY and other UKHC, although it didn't sound at all like it. There was only SS material for the one 4-way split cd-r on No Life Recs. I also did guest guitars on a couple of RAPIST WITH NO PENIS and MERMAID IN A MANHOLE releases. DH was my first musical outlet, period. I decided last year to finally retire the DH name (as I hated the name for many years), but many treats are on the way from beyond the grave...Perhaps I've said too much. As for the possibility of new music, my mission certainly isn't over yet. I never got the chance to do a vinyl or cd release with DH and that's still a goal of mine with future projects. An even bigger goal would be a full or split LP, considering the rarity of goregrind 12"s. I don't think I could name ten.

8-Ok, thanks for the intie. Last comments?

Thanks for the interest. I'm still available to contact through the myspace page mentioned above, which can probably be considered official since I have the password, but it's more of an epitaph. Until next time: Holocaust in your bedroom!

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