lunedì 4 febbraio 2008

Other shitty rips...

These are rips made by me, hope you'll enjoy it

**Cripple Bastards- Massacrecore 7'', 1996, Denied a Custom
Live EP containing old anthems as Italia di merda, 1974, Prospettive limitate and a bunch of covers of Indigesti and Wretched... Raw recording but great stuff

**Shit Scum- Manson is Jesus 7'',1990, Ecocentric records
This EP is basically funny noisecore with silly parts with Seth Putnam playing drums and vox...Enjoy!

Been listening to Genocide Association's 7'' lately, check them out it's worth of it, i uploaded it in the previous download's post.
Another one i really liked is Autophagia/Cadaverous Suppuration split tape, raw sounding goregrind made in the old way, that pleases a lot more than the actual bands...
Speaking of old classics i was re-listening Doom's demos.

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nice rips