domenica 16 ottobre 2011

Few CDS For Sale

Here's a list of a few CDS I'd like to get rid of. Most of them have been played once or twice, mostly were unwanted presents, stuff I later found on vinyl or stuff I don't like/I rarely listen to. As regards the prices, make your bid.
If you take them all you get them for 4 € each so it's 25 CDS for 100 €. This price does not include shipping.

2 MINUTA DREKA - Promo 2008 (Played once. Few tracks from some old releases of these porno grind sickos)
AUDICION IRRITABLE / TAKASHI OHKAWA - En la luha por la destruccion melodiosa CD-R (Played once, Pro printed CD-R, digipack. Noise noise noise)
BEAST IN THE HEAT - The Real Fonzie CD (Played once. Stumblefuck + Zombo of Rupture doing punk rock)
BLACK SABBATH - Master Of Reality CD (Played a few times, I'd say booklet and cds are in a very good shape, almost near mint)
BURMESE - Men CD (Played once. Weird noise/sludge/doom/whatever)
CACASONICA / COLICO - Split CD-R (Played once. Colour cover, noisecore madness from Ecuador)
CACASONICA / KRIMINALISTICA - Split CD-R (Played once. Noisecore madness)
CUNTOXT / DEEP FRIED EMBRYO - Split 3" CD-R (Played once. UK Shitcore meets US noisegrind frenzy massacre ala Dismembered Fetus. Limited to 20 copies)
GOV'T MULE - Dose CD (Played once. Southern rock)
GUS CHAMBER AND THE RAPE APES - 18 Satanic Banana Benders CD (Played a few times. 18 tracks of scum punk from almighty Rupture members)
HELMET - Monochrome CD (Played once. Alternative metal)
KERENANEKO / CACASONICA (Played once. Malaysian mincecore vs Ecuador noisecore)
KERENANEKO/ SMG / PARKINSON Victims of the grind split CD (Played once. Grind/Mincecore madness, a must for old school fans)
MINUTEMEN - Double Nickels On The Dime CD (Played once. Man, do you need a description for this classic? Jazzy funk punk)
NOISE A GO GO'S - Rock 'n' Noise Grind 'n' Roll CD (Played twice. Gore Beyond Necropsy members doing some insane grind 'n' roll)
SEX PISTOLS - Spunk CD (Never played. Official bootleg from 1977, folded in a slipcase that has some minor wears, otherwise it's perfect)
SLOTH - A whole other world of fun aka 13 songs 13 samples CD (Played once, weird stuff. Released on At War With False Noise. Perfect condition)
SODOM - Mortal way of live CD (Played once. German thrash metal, stuff recorded live in April/May 1988, pre-Agent Orange. Original press)
SU19B - Discography CD (Played a few times. Compilation of stuff from these Japanese freaks. Think of Corrupted mixed with fast parts ala Crossed Out. With members of Final Exit, released on RSR)
UNHEARTHLY TRANCE - Electrocution CD (Played once. Doom metal. Digipack, some minor wears)
UNHOLY GRAVE - Terroraging crisis CD (Played once. Japanese grindcore legends)
V/A - Grind Bastards Vol.3 CD (Played once. 26 exclusive tracks of the finest Japanese grindcore. Unholy Grave/Butcher ABC/Brob/Magnicide)
V/A - Grind Solo Grind CD (Played once. 83 tracks of South American grind/noisecore madness. Menso Noise, Proyecto Panica, Leech Eater & Cacasonica)
V/A - Tiempos De Horror II CD (Played once. Compilation of extreme and brutal grindcore/noisecore with: Carnivore Mind, Hemocromatosis Genital, Psychotic Sufferance and Cacasonica)

martedì 14 giugno 2011

The Silence Corner

After so much silence I think it's pretty clear to everyone that new reviews will not come in a short time. I am too lazy and I lost pretty much all my inspiration. I will just continue writing some stuff for Flagello zine, but keeping a whole blog of reviews and inties now seems a bit too ambitious for me. It's much time I am not getting new records and, even if I get something, the chances of me thinking "Hey, I want to review this really badly" happened once or twice. And when happened I didn't review it either because I'm too lazy and mostly busy doing other stuff, like trying to study some bass and stuff like that.

An honorable mention goes to Od Vratot Nadolu's "Živa" released by Fuck Yoga. If you like to hear some pounding primitive stuff you definitely can't miss this one. It's a mutant beast of depression and thick sludge folded in abrasive paper. No guitar in here, so you know it's yummy. If you are still not craving for it, I'm sorry for you.

Another album that struck me is totally different from the abovementioned, is Broken Water's "Whet", released last year on Night People and now repressed on Perennial. Ethereal shoegazer with an acid twist. When I hear the innocent girl voice I really go crazy. It's psychedelic yet energic, like seeing fireworks underwater, if you get the idea. If not it means you're sane.

And now it's time for albums' and demos' submissions.

The first demo is by The Lärves, an harsh raw d-beat band from Finland. As you can guess from the cover Disclose is loved and worshipped. Really anguished vocals.

Now it's time for some Swiss grindcore. Sick Trip hails from Luzern and their breakdowns mixed with blasts are sure to please grindcore/powerviolence stoners. Neck breaking and weed stinking.

Absolutist, from the UK, hails with some metallic hardcore with a blackened crust touch. 4 tracks sure to please especially neocrust fans.

From the UK too, Sufferinfuck delivers a fucked up dose of raw uncompromising grindcore fastness. 10 tracks. Like being punched.

From Ireland here's Contort: a good dose of nuclear addiction and contempt for the authority. Soaked in beer and larsens.

From Ecuador, Gale. Thrashy crustcore flavoured with a strong punk feeling. Get their 2010 EP and other stuff from Pluteras recs.

Also, check out Terrorismo? from Brazil. Raw guttural grindcore with a death metal buzzsaw guitar sound.

domenica 30 gennaio 2011

Dust Cult & Razxca split

I'm a lazy fuck, that's why you're not seeing new reviews here. I got some sketches ready, just have to write them, but I'm sooo lazy. Maybe I'll find the strenght to write them if you dowload my new split with Russian noise freak Razxca.

domenica 1 agosto 2010

Sleeping pills

Yes it's a huge upload. I'm lazy, but I hope all the waiting has been worth. All the picture are cover scans except for Gas Chamber and Quattro Stagioni.
Here's the fixed link to download Rorschach lyrics. Does anybody give a fuck?
There's some more stuff I wanted to include but I decided I'll review it next time. Sorry to everyone I did not include here.
For those who still don't know, boredom and paranoia lead my mind to record some harsh noise under the name of Dust Cult.
And then I wanted to dedicate the last words to Babu:"You co-produced one of the splits I reviewed, even if I never met you, I wanted to tell you it's a kickass one. RIP"

***Blood I Bleed- Gods out of monsters CD, Selfmadegod, 2009First time I had the chance to see these guys was at Obscene Extreme 2008 but at that time I was too drunk and I don't real remember how their show was, all I remember is that I met one of them who gave me a badge and a sticker.
Then I recently got mail on my box and Rosco's kindly sent me 2 CDs to review. Thanks again!!!
So here we are with the 2nd full length CD "Gods out of monsters". These 4 dutch guys are born from the ashes of the mighty My Minds Mine (which if you don't know I suggest checking out). This CD is a full-throttle assault, 23 songs (with a Enemy Soil cover), not longer than a minute and half, that are sure to quench your thirst for ultracore. The CD opens with a killer tune ("Talk shit and spit blood") about the competition in crimes between USA and Europe, 16 seconds of pure blast. Most of the songs have breath-taking tempos and a good dose of distortion, bringing to mind Hellnation. Some tracks have some breaks but don't expects breaks longer than 20 seconds, peace won't last, it's time for destruction! Rosco's throat shreds insane high pitched shouts, while drums, bass and guitars take no prisoners in their insane fast "High-octane thrash". Lyrics are bitter criticisms of politics and society, there's a song about the so called cases of "music-driven suicide" ("Blame it on the boogy"): they got straight in the face and harsh lyrics, with lines like "It looks like MTV is like Animal Farm: where the biggest swine took over It looks like the lowest moral becomes the highest law" or "Europe talks shit and the U.S. are spitting blood A competition in who has the dirtiest hands".
Artwork is real cool with a drawing of a six armed 21st century "war god", and the inlay is filled with old pics of the band.
I've been such a fool for not buying this before, since it's a kick ass album that deserve at least a listen, and if you love Hellnation and such stuff you won't be disappointed!

***Blood I Bleed/Massgrav split CD, Selfmadegod, 2010

This is the second CD Rosco's sent me.
Blood I Bleed contribute on this split with 11 songs, which are fast as fuck, but have a less harsh feeling than the previous full-length. I don't mean to say that they're weak, just that the feeling that these bunch of songs give is less direct than the previous album. 3 of the songs were from My Minds Mine, and I suggest everyone to check out the song "Slow-motion apocalypse" for its killer breakdown and riff.
I first got to know Massgrav for their split with Widespread Bloodshed. This recording is the last one with their drummer Mattias, who had to quit for health problems, sorry to hear that!
Massgrav are from Sweden and on this split they got 12 tracks of hammering thrash. Being less straight to destruction than Blood I Bleed these guys are kind of "fast as fuck punk", they do have several influences and parts, like a d-beatish song ("Vägen till helvetet") and some punk rockfish riffs like in "Jag skitter väl i kampen", or some sing-along parts. Take punk, hardcore, thrash, d-beat and mix them together and you quite get the recipe. A frantic mix of fun and anger all in swedish language, intros included, so I can't tell what the lyrics are about.
I bet you're standing on a chair, and while reading this you're wondering if they're fast or brutal enough and if you're gonna get this one or not…well I think it's time to get it, don't you?
Blood I Bleed
Selfmadegod records

***Archagathus- Atrocious halitosis from nauseated disgorging CD, Power It Up, 2010
Seeing Archagathus, sharing the stage with them and other good friends was awesome. All this happened on the 2nd of July in Novara, and this CD was kindly given to me as a present from Dan. Thanks a ton, bro!
I first listened to Arcagathus from a split. I can't remember which one, but I think it was the one with Mesrine. I got impressed by these Canadians so I started to get more of their upcoming releases.
For those who don't know them, Archagathus are 4 guys from Winnipeg, Canada. This CD is their first full-length that came out after a long series of splits with a lot of cool bands (Death Toll 80K, SMG, Agathocles, Unholy Grave, Goner…), and it features 18 brand new tracks of "caveman" mincecore. Why caveman? Check out the guttural vocals, and don't tell me it's not like they're trying to catch some tyrannosaur back in the old days. Catchy riffs result in a row of neck-breaking songs where drums provide the right amount of blasts and mid tempos. They bring to mind old grindcore classics, with some hints of various influences, from punk to metal. Some songs even have short solos, and, despite some of you might think solos sucks, these fit perfectly well, adding a slight death metal influence to some songs.
The booklet has no lyrics for the songs, I wanted to know what the lyrics to such titles ("She grinds", "Grindcore holiday", "Intractable tarantula" or "Hair dresser") deal with. Front cover was done by Husni from SMG: crocodiles, skeletons, beers, Agathocles patches and a bong snorkel!
Their live performance was great and this CD confirm that you better stay tuned and check out the hellish fury unleashed!! Great!
Power It Up records

***Archagathus/Goner "Raw grind whirlwind of doom" split tape, Don't Fear The Night, 2009
I bought this one because I was too curious to hear Goner, which I previously heard on "Illegal grinding" CD compilation.
Archagathus stuff was recorded by Dan himself in August '08. 6 songs of raw and crushing mincecore for the Canadian freak(s), with the second song, "Sad together" having an awesome hardcore punk outro riff. "Horrible disease", after a long series of blasts, has a slower part with a scream that could have been ripped off a sludge/doom song, and then starts blasting again, awesome! And don't forget the killer d-beat of "Untrustworthy physician". "Which kingdom?" sounds like an hardcore song played at 45 rpm! The songs are blasting and raw, the riffs are killer, having a primitive sound that makes them soooo great.
On the other side of the tape there's Goner, from California. Now they are 2, but on this June '08 recording only Alex was present. When guitar enters the first time in the song "Japanese title" you say to yourself: "Now, this is gonna be a blast". Fucking distortion and ultra blasting grindcore reminiscent of the Australian gods Warsore for its intensity and hatred. 9 songs of great grindcore: raw, distorted, fast and without trendy shit. "Ripped apart" is a shredding song, blasted as fuck. "Beyond unholy" is one of the best songs I've heard lately, it's simply awesome.
Shame on you if you don't already have this, this is fucking great no compromises grindcore from both bands. This is stuff that needs to be played super loud, don't miss it!
Don't Fear The Night tapes

***Haemophagus- Slaves to the necromancer CD, Ignorant Worm, 2009
Hailing from Palermo, Sicilia, I met and saw Giorgio (guitar), David (drums) and Gas (bass) for the first time in Milano @ Dauntaun, opening for Tragedy. The place was crowded and, despite an evident dissimilarity with Tragedy and all the crusty sounds, they rocked it and they captured people's attention anyway. It was at the time of the first issue of Flagello zine, for which both me and David (together with other 10 music maniacs) write.
After a bunch of splits they came out with "Slaves to the necromancer", their first full length. I think Despise The Sun records re-issued it, but my copy is on David's record label. Speaking of the music here we got 14 tracks of the finest "And now the dead shall walk again and eat your flesh" crossover between old school death metal and grindcore. The atmosphere on this album brings to mind old school death metal classics of late 80s, with some different influences thrown in: "Red diabolical eyes" starts with a rock 'n roll riff developing in a fast assault, "Dead eater" is a slow and obscure track, "Goddess of malice" has a part with a punkish riff and the melancholic gloomy arpeggio in "Sunrise over fields of dust" is strongly reminiscent of doom metal. The whole graveyard atmosphere is completed by some intros taken from horror flicks. The obvious comparisons that come to mind while listening to this are Autopsy and Pungent Stench, because of the brand of filthy death metal they deliver, and the recording, despite being clear, does not make them sound polished at all. Lyrics, as you may expect, deals with death, dead bodies, decomposing fluids and all such horror fantasies from the crypt. Artwork job has been done by Marco Failla: not my all time favorite artwork, but surely a good one and surely better than a banal picture.
Well, this album brings with itself a refreshing old school breeze from late 80s so why the fuck are you still reading and you're not listening to it right now?
Ignorant Worm records

***SMG- Peace kills tape, Pissart, 2010
This band is surely challenging Unholy Grave and Agathocles for the "Biggest discography ever" nomination on Guinness World Records. I first heard them on their split with Archagathus and from then on they put out a shitload of stuff, from tapes to vinyls. I wonder when a 80 CD discography box will come out!
SMG is Malaysian uncompromising hate-fuelled grindcore devastation. 3 guys, one aim: destroy music! First side of the tape, called "Side Grind" has 4 grindcore songs dealing with several themes, from Afghanistan war to Ebay collectors ("Killed by O.O.P."), with the second song ("Smashed (totally smashed version)") being an alternate mix with different Sloth inspired vocals with some heavy metal riffs thrown in it. The second side is called "Side Noise Grind", and was released as "89 track EP" on 7'' by Nuclear Worship records. Well, 4 minutes, 89 songs of classic Bbbllleeeaaauurrrggghhhhness, with titles like "Pig Champion R.I.P.", "Liquor store paranoia", a couple wishing the best things ever to Marty Dwyer (Jerk Off records), and "Still waiting to do split with Napalm Death". A sound that will be appealing to all bulldozers drivers and 7 Minutes Of Nausea fans, you'll also find pop music intermissions during some songs! Raw as fuck mince/noise-core with a muddy and filthy DIY recording.
The tape has a fucking awesome artwork by Randy, I love the drawing plus the collage styled inlay, plus the cover is printed on gold or red metallic paper, I never saw that before, and it's complete visual masturbation.
Mincing sure ain't easy but this pure chaos filth assault is cool as fuck!
Don't know how many copies of this were made, so get one before it's too late!

***Extortion- Demo 7'', Coffin Cut, 2010
Australian stuff is always kinda hard to get here, so a big thank you to Marco Zas for this one.
I heard so much praise of these guys that I kinda grew curious about them.
Extortion are a 4 piece band from Perth, Australia, formed in 2005, with some members from Heist.
Side A has 7 songs recorded on a 4 track in 2005, included a cover version for Black Flag "Fix me". Side B has 3 more songs from the previous recording and 2 recorded in a studio in 2009. The tracks recorded in 2005 are fast and angry they deliver some good raging hardcore outbursts followed by breaks and mid tempos, with a good dose of angry screams and stage jumps. Riffs are awesome and seems like they were written back in the days, but the recording makes the guitar a bit weak. The 2009 tracks ("Drawn & quartered" and "Lethal injection") have better quality and they got the right dose of distortion, delivering some killer riffs that spread a lethal dose of negativity "bitter about life in general" style. I think 2005 tracks to be "more hardcore oriented" and 2009 to be "more powerviolence oriented", if you get what I mean, but the Infest influence is constantly present in both recordings.
Artwork has been drawn by Rohan, the singer. This cover is pretty simple and the idea is good, but not as good as other drawings by him. Check his art out, it's worth a look!
This slab of wax is limited to 500 copies, includes a postcard and a sticker, and I'm sure it can't miss on your collection if you're already into them.
Coffin Cut

***Pathetic Human/Suffer split 7'', Nopatience, 2010
While surfing on the web I curiously started to browse all the Australian bands' Myspace profiles I found. Bryce from Pathetic Human was so kind to trade this with me.
Pathetic Human is from Melbourne, and this is their 2nd 7''. 6 songs that has been recorded somewhere in time, no information about this. Their sound can be compared to Heresy/Siege, that kind of grinding thrashcore, with some hysteric vocalist, fast parts/breakdowns, a good dose of rawness and a solo too!Their lyrics are about society/politics and there's an intro about a guy who's being jailed. The only bad thing about this one is the recording: backing vocals and vocals sometimes are too weak and the whole sound is a bit weak, it kinda sounds like a bad recorded demo tape.
On the other side there's Suffer, a 4 piece from Perth. Powerviolence is their game, and they got some cool breakdowns and shredding songs, reminding of Infest/Lack Of Interest with a hint of Crossed Out. The recording is better than on the other side, it's a DIY recording too, but the sound is abrasive and powerful.
I think that Pathetic Human, with a better recording, would sound a lot better. Anyway it's a good effort, the future will tell if these guys will improve their skills. As regard Suffer they put out an LP, which I hope I'll be able to get soon.
This was released in 500 copies, 100 of which are pink with violet cover. Keep an eye on these 2 bands!
Pathetic Human

***Habsyll/The Austrasian Goat split 7'', Co-production, 2010
I never heard these two bands before, so I decided to give this a spin.
Both bands are French and both play doom metal.
Habsyll is a trio from Toulouse, it was formed in 2006 and the drummer (Nicoblast) was also in Hypotalasias (grindcore band who shared a split 7'' with Denak). Their track, called "III", starts with a wicked scream and something similar to wind sampled on the background, but soon after this atmosphere is broken by pounding guitar and drums, slowly rotting while a kind of sick-whispered voice screams and the song develop in a chaotic fast outburst. Then the agony restarts, accompanied by some tortured screams and feedbacks, letting you trapped in a black mountain of sludge. One band that comes to mind hearing this is Khanate, but this has a kinda different atmosphere, resulting in something a bit less agonizing and claustrophobic.
The Austrasian Goat is a oneman-band from Metz. His track is called "Errare humanum est" and is a mixture of funeral doom with a hint of black metal in the guitar sound. Melancoholic melodies, gloomy atmospheres and blackened screams shape a sound that is different from the heavy assault of the previous side: this is less primitive, has melodic guitar parts and the atmosphere is less blackened and obscure. Lyrics are anti-human, with a line like "Humans are nature's feces". I can't tell which bands is similar to cuz I don't listen much of this stuff, anyway I must say that I found this track enjoyable: my previous funeral doom listening experiences hasn't lasted for more than one complete track, I get bored kinda quickly.
This 7'' comes in a cardboard sleeve and is limited to 350 copies.
Austrasian Goat
213 Records
At War With False Noise
Cold Void Emanations
Krusty Le Clown records
New Scream Industry
Odio Sonoro
Zas Autoproduzioni

***Deprogrammazione/Sposa In Alto Mare split 7'', Co-production, 2010
Got this one at the Fuck The Facts gig in Borgomanero, where I last met the guys from Deprogrammazione, while I last met Sica from Sposa In Alto Mare few days ago, cuz he organized the mighty Italian bus of ignorance to Obscene Extreme.
This is the last Deprogrammazione recording under this name, the singer went on with his project with the same name and the others changed the name to O.
Let's start here with Deprogrammazione, 4 guys from Biella, a town in Piemonte not so far from my parent's house. This is actually the first entire release I heard from them. This side has 3 songs: "Essere umano", "Milano per non esiste" and "Lion of zion". I would describe their sound as a mixture of some black metal (especially in the guitars), grindcore and hardcore elements, all blended together to create a sound that has melodies but also raging assaults. Tempos tend to varies and vocals alternate from screams to growls. The recording is clear but I think a less professional one would have made them sound rawer. Lyrics are hermetic and sometimes reminding of some old 80s italian hardcore bands.
Sposa In Alto Mare is a band from Padova, north-eastern Italy. 4 songs of plain demential grindcore with a brutal influence in breakdowns, but no solos and technical stuff, just funny titles and lyrics (don't miss the commentary on the songs in the inlay). My faves are "Rockabilly Gates" with some weird backing vocals and a beautiful outro and, soon after an intro featuring Lino Banfi, "Emanuele Filiberto di madre sicura ma di padre incerto". In this recording the drums kinda sound like a drum machine, but I can't find more infos anywhere. The cover has a weird artwork with a series of strange/deformed creatures on it.
This split is surely nothing groundbreaking, but if this is your cup of tea then it's a good album to get.
O (Ex-Deprogrammazione)
Sposa In Alto Mare
Aima records
Beggar God
C.O.P.S.A. records
Deny Everything
Gusto Rana productions
Jennifer Grind records
Unnamed records and zine
Wizard Of Noise
Zas Autoproduzioni

***Terror Firmer/Humus split 7'', Co-production, 2010
Finally a studio recording from Terror Firmer, I was waiting for it. I first saw them on their gig at September To Dismember vol.2 in Alessandria, and it was sooooo long ago!
Terror Firmer is a 5 piece band from Modena, sharing members with Repulsione, Cancer Spreading, Jesus Ain't In Poland, Ride Now Work Later and, if I remember well, Simone was in a grindcore band from Roma called Dogfight and actually plays in Bestial Vomit too. Fuck, only 6 songs on this split. No bullshit, no melodies or contaminations, this is straight in the face old school grinding thrashcore, including a furious fast "Starvation" cover. Harsh vocals, blastbeats and the right amount of filth, distortion, loudness, all accompanied by the awesome front cover by Nellino. Lyrics are mostly a condemnation of the trendy side of extreme music, with titles like "Genocide of the Tragedy clone bands", "Cripple Business" or "If you're grindcore, I'm not". Take Heresy, put them on a daily diet of Napalm Death's "Scum" and Siege's "Dropdead" and you get the result, fucking great stuff.
Humus is italian too, 5 guys from Ancona. I'd never heard them before or seen them live, so this is the first time I listen to their stuff, but I read on their myspace that they recently added a new guitarist. On this side they still had one guitar and they deliver 4 tracks of hyper fast political hardcore. Blasting drums, frenzy guitars, all dominated by Giordi's "Blind screams from the void" creating a powerful and devastating nuclear dose of fastness in the old manner. A band that comes to my mind listening to them is old Extreme Noise Terror blended with Mob 47's speed but less filth distortion. Lyrics deals with various topics, there's an anti heroin song "Gioventù Bruciata", or a song about pedophiles and people who put sex above all things in life, called "Bestia sessuale", and the other 2 songs are about politics "Politica" and the state in which we're kept in this society, "Davanti ai nostril occhi". Artwork features a medieval representation of a winged skeleton holding a book in his hands over a mass of people, I tend to love this stuff.
This split has been worth all the waiting, it's surely one of the best that came out this year, so you can't really miss these two italian bands. Thanks again to Gabri for trading with me this slab of wax!
Terror Firmer
C.O.P.S.A. records
Carta Abrasiva
Death Crush distro
Goodbye Mankind
Last Decay
Nuclear Alcoholocaust

*** VA- Lo-fi or die! Vol.1 compilation tape, Tearache, 2010
First release for the new born label Tearache records, which I heard is Semih's new label.
This tape strictly features 9 grindcore bands: only rehearsal or live recordings, so that's why is lo-fi.
The first band is the swiss band PxNxGx, that I never heard before. They got 4 songs with a muddy sound, insane high pitched vocals and a killer slow part on a song (could be the second one "Krieg dem kriege"). "Genocide" starts slowly but then develops in a fast one, with their part ending with a few seconds blast called "Disneyland & Auschwitz". The second band is Rust from Finland. They're new to my ears too but they deliver some fine grindcore heavily influenced by Rot/Agathocles (their logo is a Rot's logo ripoff), with a good dose of mid tempos alternating to faster ones. Their second song "Selfish needs" starts with a Shitlicker-ish riff that seems to have been taken off "Warsystem". I would like to hear more from these guys. Then it's Sakatat's turn on this comp. 5 songs including a S.O.B. cover of "Humanity of stupidity": expect nothing else but straight grindcore ferocity by these guys, with a hell of a "neck breacking" riff on their song "Tahammül Etmek Kabul Etmek Demek", fucking intense song. Then it's time for Italy's Terror Firmer: 3 songs of "Thrash against trash", quoting one of the songs on here (the other two being "Genocide of the Tragedy clone bands" and "Puking on your attitude"). Thrashing background noise accompanied by harsh screams/growls. Hell in a rehearsal room. Closing the first side of the comp there's the Swiss bulldozer Insomnia Isterica, with 3 songs of brutal grindcore with a strong metal touch and piggy vocals. I thought "Il grande silenzio" was going to be a Cripple Bastards cover, but it's not. The other 2 songs are "Entropia" and "Pile di umani cadaveri". Too bad the volume of their recording is too low.
The second side opens with Malaysia's (and not only) most prolific band, SMG. While I'm writing this they've probably put out like other 5 tapes, 1 7'' and few cd-rs! 3 songs including a medley of their songs and a Terrorizer cover: raw fucking grindcore, punch in your guts style. The tracks have different sounds and seem to have been recorded during different sessions, with the medley "Beating The Shadow+ Time Up-Super Censor+ Sci-fi Faith" being the harshest. Then it's turn of the American band Lt. Dan. Never heard of them before, so these 6 all in a-row tracks of blasting old school grindcore that sounds appealing to my ears, alternating mid and slower tempos to hysteric outbursts and titling songs like "Ruining punk", "Hipsters unite", "Grind is life", following the anti-musical Agarchy, will surely check more stuff out. Then it's time for SMG's countrymen Compulsion To Kill, delivering 3 tracks of brutal and hammering down-tuned grindcore with some metalish riffs, some fast and slow parts thrown in (but not the ultra abused breaks you always hear), a perfect example is the song "Anda mau", . Good stuff, too bad the vocals are too low and barely hearable, but they're worth checking out. Last but not least Brazil's Dispepsiaa, featuring Rot's members, with 5 songs of pure fury old school style, no compromises or modern bullshit, just a big pile of rawness and brutality like Warsore used to do! Titles are in portuguese like "Donos da verdade", "Esquecido", "Pessoas paranoicas" (check out the killer riff on it) and so on. Awesome stuff despite the quality is not excellent, can't wait to hear more! Their new split 7'' with Violent Gorge from Canada is out now on Bullshit Propaganda.
A delicious tape for all those who think grindcore must be raw as fuck. I love the artwork too, collage style rules!
But next time make all the recordings a bit louder!
Terror Firmer
Insomnia Isterica
Lt. Dan
Compulsion To Kill

***VA- War of the worlds compilation tape, Jerk Off & Lo-fi, 2009
Six bands from six different continents trying to destroy once and for all the word "music".
First band is Ecuador's finest Cacasonica, contributing with 9 songs of latin noisecore, and since the recording quality is poor (must be a live or a rehearsal), there's so much chaos when they start blasting. Always present are their killer hardcore parts on the songs, and their anthem "Melina me orina" is present here too. Not their best recording but good stuff. ToxDie are the second band on this comp, they're from Indonesia and they have 6 tracks on it. The intro kinda scared me cuz it was a real shitty cyber-grind track, but the other tracks are different, more grind/noise oriented with hysteric high shifted vocals and piggy growls, all accompanied by a wall of low frequencies, where you can sometimes hear a guitar. I couldn't really hear blasting drums. I wasn't impressed that much, but I think it's because of the recording quality. Last band for this side is USA's Dermatofibrosarcoma. Goregrind with one of the muddiest sounds ever heard. 6 songs taken from their second demo "Molested under anestesia". Too bad drums are always covered by noise.
As an intro of this side and between the bands there's a popular song from Naples, "O' sole mio".
The second side opens with New Zealand's Innard Splatter: two songs of brutal death/grind with insane piggy vocals. Slow moshing parts and exhibition of guitar playing skills. Not my cup of tea at all. Then it's turn of the Italians testosterone unit Bukkake Violence Kommando. Ultra harsh and noisy stuff recorded in a wheelie bin. No tracklist no titles, just harsh noisecore. A catastrophe to your ears! Then it's turn for Psybygore, from Morocco, 5 songs including a cover of "Eat yourself and throw up" by Cold Meat, of what I would call downtuned goregrind with strong death influences. Not much my cup of tea but good stuff.
On this side as an intro and a break to distinguish bands, another song from Naples, "Torna a Surriento" and "Iamme, Iamme Iamme".
Only for lo-fi noise freaks!
Innard Splatter
Bukkake Violence Kommando
Lo-fi records
Jerk Off records

***Dažd- S/t CD, Fuck Yoga, 2009
If I remember well, I was first told of this band by Nebojsa (Atentat Na Sluh, Serbian noisecore), then I read they were compared to Amebix, so I decided to give them a chance.
Dažd are a trio from Beograd, Serbia. After some splits they released this full length, recorded in two days in November 2007. 9 songs for a total of 34 minutes, as written on the obi strip. The album opens with "Saturnday", an instrumental intro with a 70s sound reminding of Pentagram a lot, doomish/70s rock feeling, but then the album goes on keeping Amebix-esque gloomy atmospheres blended with first wave of black metal-like guitars and anguished screams. "The imperative of the end times" is a great example of gloomy atmospheres, with the final lines "And peace and liberty reign at last" repeated at the end of the song, without musical background, by two anguished voices. "The shackles are tightening" has a final blasted piece that is pure black metal, kinda reminding of old Mayhem with less reverb. "The butchers are still bloodthirsty" is pure Amebix worship, it could have been on "Monolith"."The nuclear wind" has a great crusty d-beat, really intense and raw and the last song, "Deep beneath the ground", starts with a keyboard and develops in a slower song, with a doom metal vibe and some cleaner suffering vocals. Songs are sung in Sprska (I think it's called like that, it means Serbian language), but there are translations on the booklet. They have a very evocative way of writing obscure and gloomy lyrics about this world, this life and hell.
Artwork has been drawn by Jason Barnett, who's done a beautiful job, with a raffiguration of a monstrous beast with a lot of eyes and creepy things. I love this drawing, it has a unique style.
Cold and dark atmospheres, a strong struggling sense towards life (that's what I feel about this album) and great and personal music. What else do you want more?
Fuck Yoga

***Gorgonized Dorks/Sarlacc "Grind wars" split tape, Hair On My Food tapes, 2009
I took this because I was extremely curious about Sarlacc, and Gorgonized Dorks is a synonym for great noisecore.
Gorgonized Dorks, for those who still doesn't know them, is an experimental/noisecore duo from California. They're challenging SMG and Disleksick on the competition "Highest album per month average". On this one, there's a 15 minutes untitled track recorded in February '09. The sound of this track is filthy and there's a "cosmic explosion" sounding feedback on the background of the uncountable number of noisecore songs, with savage vocals and a good dose of fuzzy dirt. It has as well some more experimental parts with clean low-pitched vocals talking some Tatooine slang and keyboards too. Drum tempos varies from the classic noisecore blasts to some slower ones, like the drums accompanying the low pitched talking nonsense. This track surely doesn't lack of distortion and feedback, so you noise lover will love this side. As always (at least on the releases I heard) Gorgonized Dorks prove to be one of the best acts around, speaking of noisecore.
On the other side of the tape there's Sarlacc, a couple of Star War nerds hailing from Pittsburgh. 7 songs including a long intro for a fast, heavy and without bass version of Star Wars themed grind, including samples from various movies. The massive use of slower sludge-ish parts (a perfect example is the third track "Applied Human Carbon Freezing") continuously combined with faster ones, and harsh as fuck screams and growls describing how bad is pissing off Wookies when playing chess, makes this side really enjoyable and good. They have a raw sound, partly due to the quality of the recording, but the lacks of a bass player is noticeable, especially in slower parts, but they manage to sound heavy anyway. "Dune Sea Destruction Attack" is the best track, with a thrashing metal riff that makes Deathcore bands shit in their pants.
Fun drawings as artwork and inlay (on the GD's inlay there's a C1P8 holding a ghetto blaster).
Worth buying split tape if you ask me. I think it's sold out, but try to ask anyway.
Gorgonized Dorks
Hair On My Food tapes

***Napalm Death Is Dead/Penis Geyser split 7'', self-released, 2010
When I picked this up it was described to me as the best noisecore record of 2010, so you can imagine what I'm expecting to hear.
Napalm Death Is Dead were already notorious to my ears for their excellent quality noisecore. They are a duo (drums + bass) from Japan. This side, titled "Grind is over", begins with a slow march. Nice beginning, but when you begin to think "When are they gonna start the noise?" they start to deliver some insanely raw bass-driven noisecore, with the snare of the drum hitting the beginning of "songs" in the same way every time they change song, kinda reminding what The Gerogerigegegege did some years before, but with more variety. The amount of distortion is good enough to make you forget they don't have a guitar, add random hysteric screams and you got the deal. If Napalm Death is dead long live Napalm Death Is Dead!
Flip the side and there's Penis Geyser, from Ohio, USA. 3 guys delivering some harsh noisecore reminding of some Deche-Charge with a distortion so raw you can't almost distinguish screams from guitars and tons of short songs. The whole side has blasted short songs until, almost at the end of the recording, they slow down and start to play repeatedly an hypnotic riff that finishes in an explosion of distorted guitars, screams and drums. With a sound so harsh you gotta love them, this side reeks of fucked up amplifiers. They're the Disclose of noisecore.
The cover is printed on red paper and features the image of a guy without his head playing an accordion on a pile of debris, with a background similar to a city after WW2's bombardments. Thumbs up for it.
On the inlay, at the bottom of it, it's written "Instead of this record, listen to Rapt". Let me add: when you take a pause from listening to Rapt, play this fucking record, it slays, it's a perfect soundtrack to hysteria and insanity!
Napalm Death Is Dead

***Repulsione/Violent Headache split 7'', Co-production, 2010
Finally out, this was long awaited, as Violent Headache are veterans of the genre.
Repulsione, hailing from Bologna, Italy, with 3 songs of fast bass-driven powerviolence/grind. First song, "Fast communism" is about revising communism under a modern optic, because it's getting kinda old, with a rather fun view of it. The song starts with a mid paced tempo, changing rapidly in a faster one, accompanied by a grinding distorted bass. The second song is "Peristalsi urbana"(Urban peristalsis), it's a song about Bologna and the changes that were made by the major lately, adding more police in the streets, forbidding a lot of things and closing squats. It's a fast song, alternating a "hardcore" like part to a blasted one. Closing their side a cover version of Siege's classic "Conform", done a bit faster. The only problem of this side is that the bass sound lacks of "power", it doesn't create a powerful sound as on their debut CD. It's a pity because the songs are real good!
On the other side there's Spanish grindcore veterans Violent Headache (there's no need for presentations!), delivering 10 tracks of intensity, brutality and full impact grindcore, intended to be released as a split with Malaysian grinders SMG and it's been released after 4 years later, in fact the recording was made in November 2006. The guitar/bass shred some crusty flavored riffs, drums are way fast and Dani's throat, with his screams and growls in spanish. "Odio", a song about backstabbers, has a great & catchy riff in pure grindcore style, "Bush; the bastard (PT.2)/Childcide" (the only song with lyrics in english) has a chorus sung with clean vocals, true hardcore style! Some slower parts can be heard in "Maldita sea tu estampa" which is a fucking intense song, while "Too fat to grind", a second long song, closes their side, leaving my ears preys of old time grindcore nostalgia.
Repulsione's cover has got a fun pic, with Lenin and Mao riding a chopper and a bike, while Violent Headache has a political cover with dead children and all that crusty stuff.
Get it fast, 4 years in the making were worth waiting so long!
Violent Headache
Audio Lesion records
Corrosion Cerebral
Goodbye Mankind
Grind Block records

***Gas Chamber S/t 12'', Warm Bath, 2010
Got this off Ivan's label Fuck Yoga. Described by him as the best hardcore record he got, I decided to give it a try.
Gas Chamber is a 4 piece from Buffalo, NY, formed in 2007. Quoting their blog: "“Gas Chamber” is a reference to the technology of violence, and the twentieth century man’s exponentially increased capacity to do harm to human life, yet with even less accountability than we have today.". This LP contains the remastered recording from the previously issued demo. On this LP appears 10 songs plus some experimental noise intros. Right after a short noise intro, the first track "Price for greatness", blasts in, leaving you dazed and confused by its huge impact. There's no place to take a breath as "Spelling backwards" kicks in immediately. The third song, "Return to shape", starts with a slower part, that soon develops in a blast with a kickass bass riff. "Childhood's end" punch you in the face with its short length and "Strontium", with that beautiful bass line, leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth. Side B starts with "The nineteenth hole", a fast and rageful song that sounds "American hardcore" because it brings to mind the typical american sound of the 80s, followed by a cyber/noise interference, that opens "Experiment on direction", a song with a riff strongly reminiscent of English bands, that suddenly has a d-beat break with a killer riff. "Comfort food" has a jazzy and dark outro, really good and appropriate to take a break from the sonic assault. "Last of the dogs" begins with a thrashing riff and it's a fucking intense song, while the last "Drug induced coma", starts with an intro with what seems to be a robotic voice speaking above a spooky atmosphere pad and introducing the beautiful and dark arpeggio that opens Gas Chamber's last assault. Musically speaking the whole LP is fucking great: the sound is reminiscent of late 80s English hardcore bands such as Electro Hippies/Intense Degree/Atavistic with the intensity of No Comment, mixed with a guitar sound that is similar, but less flangered, to Italy's Underage, a prominent bass sound with melodic and powerful bass lines accompanied by thrashing drums and desperate vocals. A lot of different influences can be heard but the result is really personal and original. The atmosphere of this LP brings to my mind Roarschach's finest "Remain sedate": darkness, anguish and anger. Lyrics are really hermetic and bitter, being a criticism of humanity but in a personal way, also dealing with the animal side of human beings and the relationship with the technocracy we're living in.
The artwork is minimalistic and the cover features a picture of an owl on a background of several stains.
Quoting one of their lyrics "People should not embrace all that is new", but if you don't "embrace" this one then you're missing the best hardcore record that is around lately, and I'm pretty sure it has all the features to become a cult release.
Gas Chamber
Warm Bath label

***Quattro Stagioni S/t 12'', RSR & Six Two Five, 2010
After a long time here's the long awaited final LP for these German frantic.
I first heard their 7'' on 625: a great piece of grinding powerviolence. One of the best of its kind for its intensity and brutality. The final (sadly) LP features 12 songs, some in english, some in German. Continues tempo changes and the ultra fast parts combined with the catchy riffs & breakdowns and the variety of the vocals (they got 3 different voices) make these guys sound so brutal. The side opens with a noise intro and then starts a fast as fuck assault with insane fast drumming and some of the most amazing high-pitched screams ever, bringing to mind Lycanthrophy's female vocalist. Moshing floor breaking parts alternate to fast as fuck assault, but there's no time to take a breath cuz the full blown assault is going on and you gotta succumb to it. Side B starts with "Harmlogiskeit eider abstrakten Kategorie", a fucking intense song, with its insane speed and goes on at full throttle with its repenting changes of speed and riffs. A lot of different influences can be heard, but the main ingredients are some Hellnation like ultracore, some Spazz united to grindcore and moshing tough hardcore/metal slowdowns like Earth Chrisis and such stuff. In side B there's also a trippy part with backward samples of various voices.
Artwork is kinda strange and unique, it could have been on a screamo LP with some strange images like a face of a human or an ape, a skull and other trippy stuff. Weird.
If you don't know them yet it's not too late to check them out, you don't know what you're missing.
Quattro Stagioni
625 Thrashcore

***Mesrine/Spermbloodshit split 7'', NFL, 2010
Niels is one of my favorite noise dealers, it's been years I've been buying stuff off him, and his label last released this one. How could I miss it, it's got Mesrine!
If you need more infos on these Canadian sickos, check the interview I made with Dan quite some time ago. On this side they have 6 brand new songs recorded in October 2009 in their rehearsal room. From the hardcore-ish bass line that opens their side in "George Vera" you hear how raw this recording is, and you gotta love it because it gives it a totally different sound and power it won't have if recorded with a polished recording. Some tracks have a superimposition of 2 different voices bringing to mind the old masters Dahmer, as in "Houdini bullshit" or "Shortest life". The title track, "Found guilty" is also an awesome song with a brutal as fuck riff. Fucking ace, raw murderer grindcore, fast and brutal and with some hardcore elements too and that's what makes them so amazing. Mesrine is guaranteed to fulfill any grindcore needs.
Spermbloodshit is a duo hailing from Lanciano, Italy, and was born from the ashes of Bestial Devastation, grindcore with a strong death vibe. In fact the sound remains the same, with death metal elements mixed with grindcore and some vocals strongly reminiscent of Righteous Pigs alternate to piggy grunts, all above a solid base of raw distorted death metal riffs that will surely appeal any death/grind fan who's not into trendy modern stuff. The 3 songs, "Chickenlover", "Fat camp" and "Spontaneous combustion" have funny lyrics, and seems that these topics have been took from South Park's episodes.
As regard art I fucking love the obi strip that came with the EP, it's printed on a hypnotic green paper, from which I can't took my eyes off. Spermbloodshit has a fun drawing with a putrid pile of zombies.
If you needed a prove that Mesrine is fucking awesome, this EP is what you need. Spermbloodshit is also cool stuff, you will love their old school death metal vibe. Limited to 210 copies, you got to get one!

*** VA- 12 way noise split tape, Sludgesicle, 2009
It's been a long time I wanted to review something Sludgesicle put out, so here it is!
This split has got the best noisecore bands around on it. With names like that you're more likely to put out a great tape.
The first band is the mighty Seven Minutes Of Nausea, for whom I won't make any presentation. With a brand new recording session done in June 2009 and titled "How eng is stupidity?". A lot of songs for a sloppy and distorted noise assault with a strange throaty voice speaking on the improvised tunes made by bass, guitar and drums. Not their best stuff, in my opinion. The second band is Canadian Deche-Charge delivering 167 songs (all titled with the most random and nonsense titles ever) of bass-driven noisecore fun recorded June 2008, with the help of the fellow spectators La Taupe & Les Lunettes. An avalanche of songs with a good dose of laughters, noise and good riffs. Cool stuff as always. Then it's CSMD's turn. They contribute with a bunch of songs mixing sci-fi themes and atmospheres with the most furious noisecore: take a song like 45 Grave's "Surf bat" and mix it to noisecore and you quite get it. Time to take your surfboard and get ready to take off to Uranus, fucking APE! Then there's Gorgonized Dorks, delivering a short untitled track that is sure to freak you out with the monstrous black hole noise and the triply theremin that seems like it's been taken of a Nintendo game, awesome!. Soon after a hilarious intro opens Bestial Vomit's part, with fun titles like "Impaled Borghezio", "Democrazia coprofagia" and "Pretonzolo infamaccio (servo di cristo)", they deliver 3 tracks of full distorted and lo-fi grind/noise, with a slow part alternating to noisecore ones in "Democrazia coprofagia", while the others have more grindcore-fast oriented tempos. Seems to be a live recording but not sure about it, good and enjoyable stuff though. Closing the first side there's Norway's TxQxB. It's the first time I got to hear them, I heard them to be real good. With a track called "Psychotic rampage". Cool noisecore, a lot of reverb/echo on this recording, it's noisecore made by the ancient of the fjords! A lot of songs and some hypnotic repeated riffs, real good stuff!
Side B opens with German duo Hohenkontrolle (unknown to my ears), with a recording done in July 2009. A track, called "Untitled flight (cancelled)", made only with guitar/bass + effects. Kinda drone/noise with some sounds that seems to have been sampled from a factory, and a repeated syren-like sound. Then 3 tracks ("In chains", a Fear Of God cover "World under my fingernail" & "Rape your sister") recorded live in 2009 from Slovenia's veterans Extreme Smoke 57, that seems to be back with their old school ripping grindcore after quite some time. A good quality for a live record, as their shredding guitars, blasting drums and growls are all hearable in their mixture of slow tempos alternated to faster assaults. Hope we'll hear more from them. Then it's time for another band I've never heard of: Ihavenoclue?. A duo with guitar/bass delivering 4 songs of pissed off garbage noise. The first song, "Workday slaughter", has strange speaking vocals on it, like if they were reciting something. The "untitled instrumental" has a bass riff repeated for the whole song while a guitar makes some hellish noise on it. Morality Declined is from USA. 43 tracks of undistinguished noise with titles too. I don't really know what to say more, as it's a wall of noise repeated 43 times for short periods, kinda real no-fi noisecore. Then it's time for Ohio's Rectal Twat delivering 107 untitled tracks of noisecore with harsh vocals and chaotic guitars and a metallic sounding snare. Harsh and brutal, good stuff. Closing the side there's Crevez with its monstrous distorted harsh noise wall accompanied by casual " noisy whistles" upon it, called "Crevez organ rouillé and cerveau désintégre". Cool stuff, it kinda gives the idea of a disintegrated brain.
The cover, which wraps the whole tape, is printed on beautiful blue paper (don't know if there are other colours) with a lot of hand-drawn drawings in the typical Sludgesicle style, so kinda cool and igno stuff!
An orgy of distortion, feedback and fun you better own! Limited to 222 copies.
7 Minutes Of Nausea
Gorgonized Dorks
Bestial Vomit
Extreme Smoke 57
Rectal Twat

***Social Chaos/Primordial Sounds split 7'', Amber & Meziprostor, 2010
I first got to know Social Chaos this year at Obscene Extreme Festival, as their performance was totally rad.
Social Chaos is a trio from São Paulo, Brazil. They started in 2001, and Pudol, the guitarist was in Rot, mighty grindcore band. Their side, which features 4 tracks, opens with "Desgraça", an aggressive crust/grind song whose Disrupt-ish riff is fucking awesome. The second song "Depois do fin o começo" is basically a grind song with some great hardcore riffs thrown in. The next songs "Heranca maldita" and "Lucros sujos" have mostly hardcore drumming, but the riffs have a slight metal influence, and "Lucros sujos" features solos too. The guttural growls alternate to screams and the drums are mostly fast, I can say no breakdowns are present here. I was impressed by their live performance, and I am impressed as well by these tracks, that shows how this band manage to have a sound reminiscent of the old school classics, blending punk influences with metal into some great crust/grind. Lyrics are in portuguese and deals with political themes such as corruption, racism & prejudice, the illusion of progress and animal exploitation.
On the other side there's Primordial Sounds, a coalition for musical destruction hailing from Belgium and active since September 2009. 4 tracks on this side as well, but this time it's some raw, sloppy no bass noisegrind. The first song "It's lame to have no title" is a sort of long song, that alternates a slow "musical" (musical in the sense that you can distinguish that a riff is being played on the guitar) part with faster chaotic parts of pure noisecore. The second song is a messed up cover of Agathocles' "Pigslaughter". Third song is a typical noisecore track with 30 tracks being played in a minute, reminding what Deche-Charge has done and still does, cool song overall. Last track, called "Piss/shit/wank/blablablabla" is another noisecore outburst but this time songs are a bit longer. Drums have a kind of "tiny" sound, it's seems like they're hitting beer cans, pots, cardboard or even beating the rhythm on a table. Their name fits perfectly in describing how their sound is, primordial noisecore, with a fuck off attitude. A quote from the inlay "This side of the 7'' has nothing to do with music at all!!!It's not about the music of the popularity that makes the band, but the ideas behind it. And this piece of noise is dedicated to all the record companies, "so called bigger bands", bigger festivals, reviewers of this side of the record it's a simple FUCK YOU!!!" (Ahahaha thank you guys!).
Nice cover art drawing done by Murilo.
A great record if you love old school, as both bands demonstrate real attitude and the sounds are…Primordial! Get it!
Social Chaos
Primordial Sounds

***Apartment 213/Nothing Is Over split 7'', Give Praise & Sit & Spin records, 2010
Got this as I was curious to check out Apartment 213's latest release.
From Cleveland, these 4 long active guys, who also shared a split with the mighty Dahmer, and put out their classic "Vacancy" EP. 4 Tracks on this side. The first "Creepy" starts with a mid paced and gloomy track, that could have been ripped off of a horror movie soundtrack and a noisy part over the track as a voice. The second song, "Apply your make-up", is a classical powerviolence song, with faster parts alternating to a pounding heavy riff. "Blush" and "Gross sexual imposition" have kind of metal influenced-riffs and tempos, it's like Infest going metal, with Spazz reminiscent vocals on it. This side seems focused on mid tempos instead than faster. Quality stuff, but not their best I must say.
Never heard Nothing Is Over before, they're a trio from Pennsylvania. 7 tracks, all in a row, of furious heavily Spazz-influenced powerviolence. Fast as fuck and intense stuff, with a lot of breakdowns and tempo changes and 3 different voices, one being high-pitched and pretty harsh. Not much metal in here, just some solos here and there, and some pounding mid-paced riffs. I know I hadn't say much, but if you're familiar with Spazz then you quite get their recipe.
Artwork is good, with a guy drilling his head, but infos are really minimal. Can't tell what lyrics are about, if there are any.
I expected something better, but this record isn't surely "bad", the stuff on it is cool, and surely appealing to most powerviolent fans.
Apartment 213
Nothing Is Over
Give Praise
Sit & Spin

***2 Minuta Dreka/Oxidised Razor split CD, Grind Block & Diablos, 2010
This split was made in February when 2 Minuta Dreka went to tour Mexico. They told me that tour was a pure blast.
The CD opens with an intro with a satanic rite and then, after another intro there's the first song, "Viagra overdose", starting with a blasting ultra low-tuned riff and pitch-shifted vocals together with screams, suddenly slowing down the tempo with some mid-tempos. The second song "Autopsy for pleasure", has another intro, a fast drum part follows, but soon after some death-ish riff enters and mid tempos begin. "Matters of genital deformities" follows, and this time the start is not as fast as the previous tracks, it starts with a headbanging riff, but then it fastens and has also some blastbeats, all flavored by Brandy's high pitched screams and gurgles. Last song was recorded live in Slovenia, and it's their classic "Speedball sperm", and it was included on their split with Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium. Good quality recording on this one. I think that on this recording guitars sometimes sound weak and they can't be well heard. But if you like Gut/Rompeprop you won't be disappointed, they've also introduced some new elements, like death influenced riffs and lyrics.
The second part of the CD has 4 Oxidised Razor tracks delivering some blood soaked Carcass worship, with a really raw and distorted sound. Their first song, "Grindhouse", starts with a mid tempo and some insane guttural vocals, and then it starts blasting, and the vocals are real harsh sometimes. The second song, "Horror porn: a bloody success" is a good grindcore assault, having fast tempos going on for the whole song. Then "Torture and degradation" starts: a slow tempo enters while a shredding riff accompanies it, and develops in a chaotic grind blast, with Jhony's vocals being harsh as fuck. The last song is called "Deseo insatiable por cadaveres" and opens with an hilarious mexican song. Great death-ish riff, bringing to mind the old Carcass' classics. Take Carcass and add some rawness and distortion, and you quite get the recipe for this Mexican gore-galore. Tastes so good.
Artwork features the usual quantity of gore/splatter sickness, hentais and a page of pictures of the bands together.
Don't miss it you gore/porn sickos!
2 Minuta Dreka
Oxidised Razor
Grind Block records
Diablos records

martedì 22 giugno 2010


p.s. hopefully new reviews coming soon. you fuckers keep downloading and not even leave a thank you message...and none of you noticed that Roarschach lyrics are a wrong PDF file with one page only, sorry for my mistake, will fix it in the next post.

domenica 28 marzo 2010

Better off read!

Yeh, it's been a long time since the last post. Despite all promises I made. Never trust a Musicholic.
I've been doing other things, so that's why the 24 hours limit put a word "stop" to my reviews & inties. Plus I've been listening to a lot of different stuff. From blues, to Joy Division, jazz and some psychedelic/prog rock & some reggae. That's why I didn't have much to write about.
And that's one of the questions regarding this blog: I don't know whether to open it to other genres or to let it "extreme" centered.
It's not because of a shifts of musical tastes, but more because I always wrote about the music I felt writing about would be interesting. So why not insert other kinds too?
So I think I might add my personal reccomendations of stuff I like, no matter what genre it is, passing from Pink Floyd to Jethro Tull to Black Sabbath to Dr.Know.
So more like a Chaotic Corner, than a Noisy one.

***H.R.A.- Self titled demo CD-R, self released, 2009
Well, got the first exposure to this band thanks to Myspace. I discovered them because they share a member (Francisco, who was so kind to e-mail me this demo) with Hypo-Christians. They're from Texas, USA.
H.R.A. is an achronym for Heavy Roach Activity.
The band is growing and I can see they're pretty busy with live dates in the USA, and they've had some lineup changes. In this demo Francisco does all the instrumental work (bass, guitar and drums) and Robert Mena is doing the throat and artwork job. Now they added a drummer (Andy Chaos) and a bass player too (Billy Hinkle).
Back to the Demo, this one has 15 pieces of fast and ripping thrashcore, including a Septic Death's (Negative threat) cover. Influenced by the mighty old school gods, such as Septic Death, D.R.I., Negative Approach and the list can go on, these guys deliver us a fresh and raw wind of that sound that charachterized the 80s. The recording has a lovely DIY feeling that gives this a fucking awesome sound. The bass sounds like it was sampled off D.R.I.'s first LP, while the guitar results in something raw and distorted reminding of Heresy, with that fast, ripping riffs that chop your ears off, while the drums sometimes start some cool mid-tempos so you can realize you're totally being blown away. Vocals do their good angry job, though I didn't have the chance to read their lyrics. The tracks I liked more are: "Myself I hate", "I don't wanna work", "Kill Yerself", "The Racist" (the longest track on here) and "Bruise For a Bruise".
If you are looking for a dirty and rotten recording because you think you're heretic and septic, then this is a must for you. 15 tracks that will fulfill your 80s flavoured thrashcore needs.
H.R.A. Myspace page

***Fleischwald/Insomnia Isterica/Behind The Mirror 3 way split pro CD-R, Grind Ambush & L'é Tütt Folklor, 2008 (?)
Attila sent me this cd-r along with a tons of others as a gift. So thanks again mistah Attila.
Now that I'm writing this Insomnia Isterica has already out a split 7'' EP with Compost (see demo review here).
The first band that appears on this cd-r (that is limited to 200 copies) is Fleischwald from Bolzano, Italy. It's a one-man band and I've never heard it before I got this.
On this cd he participates with 24 tracks of fast and sharp sounding straight to the point grindcore with some death metal hints. I usually don't like drum machines, but this one is well arrange, but it still has all the limits that a drum machine involves. If you like old school grindcore with lyrics about politics and war you won't dislike him, so give Fleischwald a try.
The second band on this cd is Insomnia Isterica from the depths of the Swiss' Canton Ticino. 5 guys playing groovy grindcore. Kind of a vibro grindcore mutants kommando, as their intro suggests. 7 tracks of grindcore that sounds groovy because of the slower parts and the bass riffs that reminds of gore/porn grind bands, while the piggy vocals and some guitar riffs are more brutal death oriented. "Ce l'hai il vibro?" is more like a teenage punk song with an intro by Laura Panerai, and the last song "Soci ad merda" is a cover of Asfissia. Good effort, though their next EP is better, be sure to check them out.
The third and last band is Behind The Mirror, from Canton Ticino too, they share a member with Insomnia Isterica.
I've never heard of them before and I would describe their 4 tracks as a mixture of late 90s hardcore with deathcore. I honestly never listened to this stuff, so I don't know what to write about it, except that I don't like it. They use an outro from the movie "The Crow".
Behind The Mirror Myspace page
L'è Tütt Folklor Myspace page
Grind Ambush

***Sexterminator 69- Purity in death CD-R, No Tomorrow Records 2010
This is the harsh noise project of Andrea, Bukkake Violence Kommando's drummer.
He once told me he wanted to do some harsh noise and here he is. I am not at all an harsh noise maniac, so I will try to make a decent review of it.
This CD features 4 tracks, with titles about depression and psychic problems.
First track "Disturbo notturno" (Nocturnal disturb) is an 8 minute long dark and hellish wall of noise. The crackles in this song make me feel like I've been stuck somewhere in a filthy and narrow bathroom, in a delirious night in which you have fevers.
Next one "Degenerazione psicofisica" (Psycho-physical degeneration) has a little bit of space in it, in the sense it's not as "narrow" as the previous one. A wall of noise and several crackles with a constant low frequency running for like 31 minutes and degenerating in fiercer and harsher parts and with some low frequencies bumping out to strangle your guts. I guess it's a perfect soundtrack if you want to bang your head against a wall till your brains comes out from your ears.
"Autolesionismo giornaliero" (Daily Self-harm) seems like a freak accident with jack cable that refuses to work properly while "Rassegnazione E Lutto Interiore / Public Suicide" (Resignation and inner death) has fiercer assaults on a solid wall of distortion, and here the distortion seems to have grown even worse than at the beginning of this listen.
Certainly not an easy listen, but if you are in mood for psychic destruction, use this weapon.
Limited to 50 handnumbered copies, get this from No Tomorrow prods. or, say thanks to Sexterminator for this download link.

***Loser Life- Euro tour 7'', Yellow Dog & Thrashbastard, 2008
This is one of the "releases you buy without knowing what you're buying".
I got it because I was kinda attracted by the cover, so I got it.
The guy who sold it to me was really generic when I asked him how it sounds. He said "It's an hardcore band". I didn't know it was a tour 7'' and that it's limited to 400 black vinyl copies and 100 red ones.
This 7'' contains just 2 songs "Burning fields" and "Hard to please".
I expected something fast and kinda crustish (because of the cover), while listening to this the guitars have melodic riffs, and the drums are not blasting. Songs tend to be slower hardcore, but they're focused on an emotional impact, sounding like a re-adaptation of the masterpiece "Everything falls apart" by Hüsker Dü, with some 90s hardcore influences too. Lyrics are about personal feelings and matters.
I haven't heard other stuff yet, but these 2 songs are good, so why not check out more stuff?
Yellow Dog
Thrashbastard Myspace page

***Bangsat/Dehumanized Earth split 7'', Rotten To The Core, 2009
I long knew Dehumanized Earth for their split with Canadian crusters Global Holocaust, so I was kinda surprised when I saw they put out something new after quite some years, while Bangsat were already known for their split with Archagathus. This EP is limited to 550 copies, as stated in the inlay.
Bangsat are a trio from Jakarta, Indonesia. 4 tracks of death metal influenced crustgrind (there's a cover of Hellbastard's "Heading for internal darkness"). Downtuned guitars with metalish sound but punk riffs, pounding drums with the massive use of double bass and mid tempos, and guttural low vocals (which sometimes alternate with some high pitched screams) seems to be the other main ingredients of their sound. Song lyrics are all about socio-political problems. A solid side even though I can't say they are my favorite band.
Dehumanized Earth from Canada deliver 4 tracks of crust (including a State Of Fear's "Violation" cover). The recipe is the same of a lot of crust bands: mid tempos, discharge-like riffs, but this band has a real guttural voice over it (kida reminds Mesrine) and some real short melodic guitar parts. The recording is quite good, too bad drums are a bit too loud. Can't say anything about their lyrics (if they have).
Surely not a masterpiece, but these 2 bands show they can provide a good dose of brutality and energy.
Bangsat myspace
Rotten To The Core records

***xBräiniax- Hail fastcore CD, To Live A Lie & 625 Thrash, 2009
Do they need an introduction? For those who missed them (where the fuck have you been?) these 4 guys are from Michigan,USA.
I've been expecting this discography CD since I only own their split 7'' with Su19b and No Comply. I felt that I was missing some incredible powerviolence so I got this one as soon as it came out. I wasn't wrong.
99 tracks for a schizophrenic massacre of your ears. Why schizophrenic? Listen to the continuous and rapid tempos change mixed with killer saw-sounding guitar riffs and a killer screaming throat, you'll turn crazy and feel like you've just been punched in the guts and then suddenly slapped on your face for 98 times (because the last track is a messy compilation of lo-fi recordings and joke songs). They kinda bring to my mind a mixture of No Comment and Charles Bronson perfectly blended together. The CD begins with their latest stuff (split 7" with Su19b) and goes back to the first stuff like "Lightspeed demo". It also includes their killer "Disgrace to the corpse of Eric Woods" 7", tracks from some compilations, such as a cover of "You Suffer" featured on a Napalm Death tribute, as well as 2 unreleased tracks, and No Comment ("Hacked to chunks"), Infest ("Mindless"), Lack Of Interest ("My life") and a Y ("Blank mitt") covers plus the recording of their first live show ever.
Too bad the booklet hasn't the lyrics to the songs, from what I read it seems like the lyrics are ironic and sarcastic criticisms on life and various aspects of it. The syringe pentacle graphic is fucking sick, thumbs up for it.
I can't wait to hear their new LP coming out on 625.
If you think powerviolence is a dead genre and you love the classics, then pick this up, you'll be hit by a refreshing breeze!
To Live A Lie
625 Thrash

***Boxed In- 2001-2005 CD, Co-production, 2005
Bought this cd 2nd hand for like 3€ in a shop in the city where I study.
I never expected to find something like that, so I picked it up with a happy feeling.
These guys are from England, and shared a member with the (should be) well known crust band Doom. I don't know many infos about them, the booklet wasn't helpful this time, all the infos I found are from
This CD contains all their recordings from 2001 to 2005, so you'll find the LP and the first 3 EPs on it plus 2 songs from compilations. 4 cover songs are present too: "Battlefields" by Iconoclast, "Children of love" by Kafka Prosess, "Ei/Oikeus valita" by Mellakka, "When the innocent die" by Anti-Cimex and "The blood runs red" by Discharge.
Raw guitars with a basic and crustish riffing, and full-throttle drum tempos and abrasive vocals they deliver 37 tracks (the longest is 1:58 minutes) of scandischargian hardcore that are sure to please your needs. The recordings were made at 1in12 Studio by Bri Doom. The CD comes with a nice booklet with all the lyrics to the songs and short commentaries to the lyrics. Lyrics are most of the times about this sick world we live in.
This CD is surely nothing groundbreaking but comes from a great band that is mostly unknown. Can't find any link to the band or the labels, but I see it's pretty easy to find.

*** Om- God is good CD, Drag City, 2009
Bought this one when I saw them live in Milano, in January.
After such a performance (with Lichens playing with them too), I thought they deserve a review at least. Seeing them live is a really cool experience, and the volumes were not even loud!
This album introduces some new features in Om's sound, since the introduction of different musical instruments and percussions by Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe AKA Lichens. The 19 minutes long and epic Thebes opens the album. A synthesized sitar starts and then the groovy and 70 flavored bass lines by Cisneros start to grip your mind bringing you to a peaceful and kinda trippy voyage into the Greek polis. There's a cool part in which a ethnic string instrument appears, giving it something Oriental in its sound. And then comes the "hard" part, with a bass that start to pump a catchy riff that keeps your head floating. New drummer, Emil Amos, stands well in comparison with the old one, Haikus, making the departure of the ex-Sleep not a problem at all, with his slow tempos. The voice is as always mantra-like, and sometimes seems like it's almost whispered. Then you have "Meditation is the practice of death", trippy arabesque bass lines, and in the middle of this song a guitar too, even if I can't find this credited anywhere, and a beautiful and relaxing flute part. The other two songs "Cremation ghat I & II" close the album. The first one is fast and starts with a funky flavored bass riff, accompanied by a guitar part, and the ultra high-pitched vocals of Lichens remind of some Indian music, or a call to a prayer, and the prayer begins at the beginning of the second part, with a sitar and tambour part opening it while Cisneros provides a slower and meditative riff, and then violin and sitar create a part that makes you trip to the highest mountains of Hindu Kush, or looking for some buddhist monastery in the middle of Himalayas.
I liked this album very much, Om skills are developing in a Far Eastern melting with some stoner elements, and meditative feeling this album gives is interesting too. If you want to spend half an hour tripping all you have to do is: smoke, play it, find some pics of India, Himalaya, or such places and watch them as they go along with the music. You'll be At Giza.
Om's page on Drag City records site

If you took the time to read this all you surely need to be rewarded.
And that's my reward:
lately I've been raising my interests on Rorschach. A criminally underrated band that every blog praises for its lyrics too. But where the fuck do I find the lyrics if I want to read them? That's why Noise Corner is here: download them here, personal copy scans @300 DPI.