domenica 16 ottobre 2011

Few CDS For Sale

Here's a list of a few CDS I'd like to get rid of. Most of them have been played once or twice, mostly were unwanted presents, stuff I later found on vinyl or stuff I don't like/I rarely listen to. As regards the prices, make your bid.
If you take them all you get them for 4 € each so it's 25 CDS for 100 €. This price does not include shipping.

2 MINUTA DREKA - Promo 2008 (Played once. Few tracks from some old releases of these porno grind sickos)
AUDICION IRRITABLE / TAKASHI OHKAWA - En la luha por la destruccion melodiosa CD-R (Played once, Pro printed CD-R, digipack. Noise noise noise)
BEAST IN THE HEAT - The Real Fonzie CD (Played once. Stumblefuck + Zombo of Rupture doing punk rock)
BLACK SABBATH - Master Of Reality CD (Played a few times, I'd say booklet and cds are in a very good shape, almost near mint)
BURMESE - Men CD (Played once. Weird noise/sludge/doom/whatever)
CACASONICA / COLICO - Split CD-R (Played once. Colour cover, noisecore madness from Ecuador)
CACASONICA / KRIMINALISTICA - Split CD-R (Played once. Noisecore madness)
CUNTOXT / DEEP FRIED EMBRYO - Split 3" CD-R (Played once. UK Shitcore meets US noisegrind frenzy massacre ala Dismembered Fetus. Limited to 20 copies)
GOV'T MULE - Dose CD (Played once. Southern rock)
GUS CHAMBER AND THE RAPE APES - 18 Satanic Banana Benders CD (Played a few times. 18 tracks of scum punk from almighty Rupture members)
HELMET - Monochrome CD (Played once. Alternative metal)
KERENANEKO / CACASONICA (Played once. Malaysian mincecore vs Ecuador noisecore)
KERENANEKO/ SMG / PARKINSON Victims of the grind split CD (Played once. Grind/Mincecore madness, a must for old school fans)
MINUTEMEN - Double Nickels On The Dime CD (Played once. Man, do you need a description for this classic? Jazzy funk punk)
NOISE A GO GO'S - Rock 'n' Noise Grind 'n' Roll CD (Played twice. Gore Beyond Necropsy members doing some insane grind 'n' roll)
SEX PISTOLS - Spunk CD (Never played. Official bootleg from 1977, folded in a slipcase that has some minor wears, otherwise it's perfect)
SLOTH - A whole other world of fun aka 13 songs 13 samples CD (Played once, weird stuff. Released on At War With False Noise. Perfect condition)
SODOM - Mortal way of live CD (Played once. German thrash metal, stuff recorded live in April/May 1988, pre-Agent Orange. Original press)
SU19B - Discography CD (Played a few times. Compilation of stuff from these Japanese freaks. Think of Corrupted mixed with fast parts ala Crossed Out. With members of Final Exit, released on RSR)
UNHEARTHLY TRANCE - Electrocution CD (Played once. Doom metal. Digipack, some minor wears)
UNHOLY GRAVE - Terroraging crisis CD (Played once. Japanese grindcore legends)
V/A - Grind Bastards Vol.3 CD (Played once. 26 exclusive tracks of the finest Japanese grindcore. Unholy Grave/Butcher ABC/Brob/Magnicide)
V/A - Grind Solo Grind CD (Played once. 83 tracks of South American grind/noisecore madness. Menso Noise, Proyecto Panica, Leech Eater & Cacasonica)
V/A - Tiempos De Horror II CD (Played once. Compilation of extreme and brutal grindcore/noisecore with: Carnivore Mind, Hemocromatosis Genital, Psychotic Sufferance and Cacasonica)

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