mercoledì 16 gennaio 2008

Some old shit

I should have done this before...sorry!

Bunch Of Lies (Pre Fear Of God)- Demo
Bunch Of Lies were the band before Fear Of God. They only released this reharsal demo in 1987.
I don't know anything about the line up, sorry
13 songs in this recording, some will later become Fear Of God songs.

Plasmid (Pre Heresy)- Lust for power tape
This is some really ripping stuff, raw lo-fi thrashcore as its best.
This tape has 4 songs, it was released in 1984, probably by the band itself.
Really chaotic stuff to make your ears bleed!

Genocide Association- Sonic lobotomy
This link says more than i can about it, so check it out

Ripcord- Radio session july 88 London

Ripcord is legend, i fucking love them.
Don't know if it has been taken by some compilation cd or lp but it's great stuff.
9 songs of chaos, from one of the best bands that were around.
If you don't know them you MUST check them out and see this page

Mob 48- Demo
Mob 48 is a side project of Rupture.
Basically it's politic crust d-beat with Gus Chamber's screams.
Don't know if it's a joke or not, anyway it's fucking cool.

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Erich ha detto...

haha, thanks for the B.O.L. tape. in fact, there were two or three official live tapes of B.O.L. available. that stuff is so bad, embarassing.

erich - ex-fear of god (and b.o.l.)