domenica 13 gennaio 2008

Here we are!!!

Here are 3 old reviews i wrote some months ago, enjoy and let me know what you think!

***Netjajev SS- Surfside anthems vol.1 7'', Reprocreate recs.
Netjajev Society System is the "new" Magnus' Ulcerrhoea solo project.
This vinyl is the first of a Surfside anthems trilogy and it contains 8 blasts of surfing fastcore.
Think of a raw mixture of Rupture, Dead Kennedys and Dick Dale (!!!), so it can be called raw punkish stuff meeting surf vibes, sometimes becoming really fast.
Side A is all instrumental and songs are mainly slow surfing hits that makes you feel like if you're in california on your fave beach with your surfboard
while side B has faster songs with lyrics too, there's less surf vibe and more raw punk on this side.
Best songs to me are "I, King of the surf", "Worldwide Surfside" (the guitar parts really remind me of DK) and the really short "Yummie Yummie Yummie" (only 28 seconds long).
This vinyl in my opinion is worth gold, not because it's limited (only 300 copies made) but because it's fuckin original, it's not the stuff you hear from every band!!!
Get this now, don't wait a fukin second!!!

***Deche Charge/Permanent Death split 7'', Mortville recs.
No need for introduction for Deche-Charge, in this vinyl they have 120 tracks of intense old school noisecore recorded on a 2 tracks in 1998 by Dan-Charge and Chainsaw, no guitars, just drums and bass.
Songs are short and raw, drums and vocals are louder than bass distortion but they're noisy enough to make this side a great piece of earbleeding muzik!!!After this you feel like you've been hit by a running train!!
Titles are mostly funny and they're usually screamed before the songs start to blast. If you love them you can't miss this great 7''!!
As regards Permanent Death these 3 guys are Belgian beerfreaks that fill this side with some raw and lo-fi noisecore, not for trendy ears!!!
Everything is hyper distorted and low tuned, it seems that it has been recorded without guitars, but i'm not sure.
Some tracks were recorded with a drum machine too (i'm not sure since there's nothing written on the inlay), but the sound is always raw and downtuned.
Permanent Death is not for trendy ears used to polished sounds, since the sound is really lo-fi and i would say muddy, it makes me feel like if i was trapped in a swamp while listening to it!!
A positive note goes to Deche-Charge's artwork that is a Confuse's- Nuclear adicts rip off, good choice!!!
This vinyl was limited to 300 copies and there are 9 different colours. Sadly, this was last Mortville's vinyl release ever.
Noise freaks, if you don't have this act fast and get it!!!

***Death Sentence/Chtufulw split 7'', Give Praise recs.
Death Sentence is fucking great, if you like hardcore as it was meant to be done (not the new school metalcore emo fashion shit) you can't miss this record!!
They blasts 5 tracks of intense and fast old school hardcore with intelligent lyrics, songs like "Negative attitude" or "Anti Apartheid", some taken from the unreleased mini LP "51st state of America" and some from "If pain mends my mind" LP released in 1986
The sound is aggressive and fast, the recording is not polished and the you got the feeling of being in the 80s while listening to it, for sure a great piece of hardcore rage!!!
This is an official release and not a bootleg, as stated clearly in the inlay notes.
Chutwulf is a 3 piece from California, they play fast and ultra distorted chaotic hardcore, think of japanese noisecore mixed with swedish/finnish influences
Japanese noisecore influences are the first thing that comes in my mind since the guitar sound is really distorted and reminds me of Confuse, Tranquilizer and such bands, while drumming is fast and the voice is similar to Crossed Out.
They say they have loads of influences, from grind to japcore, in fact one of the songs in this vinyl is a cover of "Squatter Riot" by 7 M.O.N., lyrics are more personal than socio-political.
I don't know how many copies were pressed, mine is on white vinyl, so move your ass and get this awesome ep or suffer!!!

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