venerdì 25 luglio 2008

Some more songs

Ok here's another post for you, fatass nerds

-Corrupted live @ Fandango 97
-Corrupted live @ WFMU 97
Corrupted are an amazing doom/sludge band from Japan. If you don't know them be sure to check em out, you really have to do it!!

-Heresy live @ Jugendhaus, Geislingen 1987
Does anyone needs to know more about the British thrashcorers Heresy? Thrashcore straight in your face!!! (i obviously mean thrashcore as it was intended years ago= fast raging hc

-Feculent Goretomb- Demo cd-r 2000, Self released

Goregrind from Brazil!! I like them a lot because they really have some fast parts

-Total Mosh Project- Vegetable's life cd
German Death/Grind/Thrash and you got them!

-Corpse Grinding Machine- Stuff for never released ep with Ventilator

German old school noisecore, check it out!


3 commenti:

mat 13 ha detto...

ultra thanks for the total mosh project, man

i always wanted to hear this

Fibro ha detto...

no problem, it's a pretty obscure band, really underrated too

Luc(A)s ha detto...

Thanks for the live Corrupted stuff. I think those are bootlegs and shit cause they aren't in the Corrupted discog, but that makes it much sweeter.