giovedì 31 luglio 2008

A GxNx review...

***Final Exit- Seasons are going and going...and lives goes on mcd 3'', Rage For All records
Since I first get this piece of Noisecore in my hands I was amazed by the cool and small digipack!!
It's a 3'' mcd with 3'' digipack artwork, with pics of different seasons in it.
There are 12 songs on it, every one named with a name of a month and 2 months actually are (bits of) covers from other bands: one is an Iron Maiden's Ace's high and the other is Be my baby by Complex.
What has always amazed me, and it's part of FxEx's genius, is the ability to play different kinds of music in the same song.
Here we have 12 tracks of pure musical schizophrenia, we have metal, surf, pop riffs always interrupted by the great wall of noisecore they're able to create with their instruments and drumming.
The song "May" starts with a melodic piece that could have been written by The Cure itself (it reminds me "Boys Don't Cry"), and the song "Be my baby" has some clean sang parts too, while "February" starts with a peaceful guitar arpeggio, and then it has a slow part reminding me of "Steppin' stone" by the Monkees, and it totally fits with the concept that every month is different, as every song on this recording!
The recording has a clean sound too, and even when they start to make noise the sound is not too weak, so, in my opinion it's perfect.
If you ask me Final Exit are in my top noisecore bands, if you don't know them you'd better check them out, or else you're missing one of the best bands around, they never sound boring to my ears.
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