martedì 16 settembre 2008

Podrum Against Nazis Vol.2 - BANDS WANTED!!!

I saw this adversised on a site so bands read carefully!!!

"So, after the Vol.1 - it is time for Volume 2! Podrum Music invites bands of all genres to send us their anti-nazi songs - STRICT THEME! Please, do not send us any other themed songs, we want anti-nazi song!!! All genres are wanted - especially HARDCORE, PUNK, CRUST, GRINDCORE, DEATH METAL!

This will be net release with print-ready covers that you can distribute freely!

What bands should do to participate:

1) send a song in AT LEAST mp3 320 kpbs to

2) IT IS OBLIGATORY TO INCLUDE LYRICS - this is the way to see what your song is all about - no lyrics-you can't take your spot on comp! We're all about anti-nazi attitude, so either agree or fuck off and die!

3. Include band name/e-mail/myspace or website link.

No deadline, but when we collect enough music (around 1h) we will release compilation. Please do not wait for too long, you may be late :(

So, please...respect these three rules, we won't either consider songs without those three steps...sound quality, lyrics and contact info.

Thank you, SIEG SHIT and see you on Podrum Against Nazis Vol.2!!!"

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