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Reviews special!!

Lately I've been to some concerts, and I had some albums i really wanted to review, so why not doing a review special??
Here it is you guy, enjoy!!

***Cancer Spreading- Raw demo sessions demo tape, Goodbye Mankind
Hailing from Modena, Italy, here's the demo of this stenchcore act.
I met the singer at a concert of his other band, Terror Firmer (thanks again for this tape!!).
This demo consists of 11 tracks included 2 covers, 1 from Sodom (Outbreak of evil) and 1 from Deviated Instinct (Despair) and 3 songs recorded live at DIY fest in 2007.
There is no info about when and where it's been recorded, but it seems like it's a good homemade recording.
The sound they create is cool, especially because it's not always about mid tempos, fast parts alternates to slower ones, and that makes it really interesting to my ears. The guitar sometimes is too low, but it's still hearable with its thrashy anrgry sound, reminding me of some riffs from arise by Amebix. The vocals are guttural, in some parts reminding of Masskontroll. Also the second voice is cool, it's pretty harsh too and create a really good mix with the lead one. I can't tell much about the lyrics and the whole concept because there are no lyrics in the tape, just the pics of flyers from past shows, but I can assume they're all about the misery of life and human extinction. My fave tracks are: Sacrilegio (Sacrilege), Incubo (Nightmare), Catarsi (Catharsis) and Macerie (Junk).
This demo sets all the elements for a good debut, but my suggestions are:
- make guitars a little bit rawer and louder for the next recording
- try to use the 2 kind of vocals (like in the Deviated Instinct cover) more
Big up for the "Cancer Spreading Rotten Cross" graphic made by Niki Berserk.
Ask them or Goodbye Mankind for copies of it.

***Bukkake Violence Kommando/Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium split tape, Grind Block Records
A long time passed before I was able to get this tape with the Ukranians pussy lovers Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium and my Italian fetish addicted friends Bukkake Violence Kommando, since I first heard Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium years ago on a split tape with Nunriders Of Black Doom and I never heard my friends Bukkake Violence Kommando even if me & Andrea know each other from 3 years now.
Bukkake Violence Kommando are a noisegore trio from Rovigo, Italy. In this tape they recorded a session of 20 porno themed songs. Basically the sound is a mix of lo-fi noisecore with downtuned fuzzy guitars and lots of porn samples, bringing to my mind some old school noisecore stuff mixed with some Meat Shits. Songs are basically short blasts and outbursts of rage, except for 3 songs that have a small musical intro or slower tempos. Voice is shifted but not bubbling, it sounds raging and putrid, obtaining different charateristics than the ones that seems to be more trendy nowadays (see all this new bands fighting for the "sickest vocals" title.)
Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium are from Ukraine and they have a live recording from 2006. The sound, even if it's pretty lo-fi is decent and not bad at all even if the vocals are a bit too loud. Think of a rawer version of Gut, with the same joke attitude towards porn, in fact, in the live set, a cover version of the immortal classick Cripple Bitch is included. Mid tempos seems to have more importance than fast blasts, and the voices alternate from high pitch choruses to pitch shifted low verses. The songs has no titles, they're called like New song #13, Erotic song or names like that.
Solid release for those who are not afraid of low tunes, DIY recordings and sick stuff, PC idiots stay away from this!!!
Limited edition of 150 tapes. Contact Grind Block, Bukkake Violence Kommando or Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium for a copy.

***Burmese/Potop split LP, Crucificados Pelo Sistema, Fuck Yoga
Got this split at a Potop show in Alessandria (posted the flyer here some weeks ago). Potop did a great show, lot of distortion, feedback, pounding slow parts and low tunes, despite the fact there was only a bunch of people seeing them.
I was a bit doubtful if buying it or not, so I asked Ivan, Potop's singer, who were Burmese, and he replied me: "It's some eclectic stuff, think of a mix extreme music together". Fuck!, he was right.
Burmese are 4 guys from San Francisco. The first band that comes into my mind while listening to this recording, is Man Is The Bastard, but with less catchier riffs and powerviolence influences, a lot of stop and go parts, and the guitar/bass sound reminds of some MITB works with a bit of distortion added. Also a lot of power electronics intermezzos are present in this recording, that's why the best definition that comes in my mind is: Burmese are like Venetian Snares but for extreme music and with real instruments. Don't get me wrong, no violins, sweet sounds or techno atmospheres in here, but the sound is as chaotic as a Venetian Snares release could be. There's also a song, starting with a fast and frenzy bass line with some seconds of silence later, which "lyrics" are spoken between a noise inferno created using a distorted version of the initial bass line. I find this side interesting for its particularity. If you like experimental stuff you'll like them.
Potop is from Macedonia, and they are 4 guys (one is one of the guys from Fuck Yoga, who recently released an LP version of West side horizons by Despise You), playing 2 songs of really slow doom/sludge. The guitar riffs, altough they're powerful and distorted, they are not as down tuned as other bands and they give space to some malinconic and sad melodies enriched by the painful screams of Ivan, the singer. The drums are pounding, and so slow that kind of drumming could remind some drone bands. I have no idea of the titles of the songs and the lyrics since all is written in cyrillic alphabet.
This split comes in silkscreened cover and is limited to 500 copies. If you're not afraid of experimentation and slow stuff you would like it, and I suggest it to get it by contacting Burmese, Fuck Yoga, Potop, Crucificados Pelo Sistema.

***Various Artists- I'm goin ape #3 7'', N.F.L. & Breathlike Violence

It was a long time I was waiting for the final chapter of the almighty "I'm goin ape" noisecore compilation series, and I have to admit that waiting was so fucking worth it.
This time on this comp there are Intumescence from Holland, Yesmeansyes from Finland, Deche-Charge from Canada and Rotgut from Holland.
Intumescence starts this record with some noisecore songs recorded especially for this comp. The sound is different from the Carcass sound they have in their last recordings, but it's kickass stuff. Think of early Anal Cunt, Sore Throat and Gore Beyond Necropsy and you got them, crunchy and old school sounding guitars, blasting drums and lo-fi screams & growls, it seems like if was recorded in the first 90s. These guys know how to do it!!
After there's Yesmeansyes that blasts with a studio session recorded in Lahti in 1998. This is total noise, short nonstop blasting parts with harsh guitar sound, vox has echo or reverb on it. Countless songs for a big dose of noise.
On side B Deche-Charge opens with a re-recording of their second demo, "Le retour des deche cores". 271 songs in less than 5 minutes!!! This time this demo is recorded with a guitar and real drums too. Noisecore as its best making you feel what sonic confusion is, songs less than 1 second short, funny titles, Deche-Charge!!
Rotgut is pre C.S.M.D. and it's the Dutch answer to Anal Cunt and Sore Throat. This recording features a 1991 never released demo. 6 tracks of pure old school noisecore, raw guitar sounds, fast guitars, growls & screaming together hits the spot creating a great noisecore assault.
For sure a release for people with strong ears & guts, cause this comp is a real blast to them! Get it before it's too late! Mails to:,

***Abortion/Mesrine split 7'', Zas!Autoproduzioni, Jennifer Grind, Ignorant Worm & Trenchcore
Got this one from my friend Luca from Jennifer Grind on mailorder edition limited to 100 white vinyls.
First time I heard Abortion from Slovakia, I was supposed to see them playing at Obscene Extreme but I was too fucking drunk. This recording has 4 songs, including a revisited cover version of "Mon cherie" by Tankard. 4 tracks of fast, aggressive grindcore that reminds of some Agathocles. The guitar is angry and the riffs are punkish, while the voice is most of the times screamed while the drums have different variations. Most of the songs have also slower parts than the blasts, and this, with the guitar riff recalls some crusty sounds. The lyrics deals about personal problems more than politics except for the Tankard cover (if you don't know what Tankard lyrics are about try to guess it by their name!).
Mesrine from Canada, have 3 tracks recorded in 2008 in reharsal room. They deliver 3 tracks of manic, serial killer themed grindcore. Fast blastbeats, fast guitars and a good mix between screams & growls is what you get. The song "Deeper and darker" has a guitar riff that is a bit thrashy, a bit different from the other 2 songs on this record, that are pure grindcore. No time to take a breath with this, so if you're looking for some fast and brutal stuff here you go, you won't be disappointed.
Great release, glad to see this time 3 Italian labels put it out, good work you guys!
Get it from Zas!Autoproduzioni, Jennifer Grind, Ignorant Worm, Trenchcore.

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Well done Fibro!
Waiting to receive I'm Going ape 3 from the Goatgrind guy...
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Mesrine/Abortion kicks ass! (but hey, they're not the youngest bands around, right?)