domenica 12 ottobre 2008

Must!Play!Fast! intie

This time I wanted to interview my friend Antony, since he just decided to run a new distro called Must!Play!Fast!. You can hook him up on myspace by clicking here.

1- Hey antony, how's going?

good winter is here its cold and im happy love winter summer in northern california is real bad i think i have polar bear blood cause im use to the cold or maybe my parents made me in a cold ass climate im 2/3rds snow man

2- How long are you running Must!Play!Faster! distro?Why you decided to
start it?

i been running the distro for like awhile now i dont know the exact day but it started out as a shirt distro and all i got hooked up with max ward and brian stern & paul acevedo from godstomper so i decided to get shirts and all and see how it would work out but i guess it got out of hand and all dont get me wrong i like what i do its fun you meet cool people from all over the globe and make new friends some rip you off some dont thats the way it works i havent been ripped off yet by a dead beat distro so i guess im safe i have my place stalked up with distro all over soon ill have to use my daughter and my wifes room as a storage i send out alot of orders or trades every week sometimes they gather up i get alot of demos in of people that want me to check them out so its hard to hear alot of stuff and see what i like stuff i dont use i just send it back my distro is a document of good bands that are really sincere about what they do and are not trying to do a get rich scheme emails come in alot so its alot of stuff answering emails and etc my wife alicia helps me alot also so its alot better she does all the mail outs and keeps records of what comes in and what comes out im real bad at doing papper work all i know how to do is the items i distro i have my buddy edgar ramirez from AxRxMx hes the singer (APATHETIC RONALD MCDONALD) HE DOES ALOT OF KILLER SHIRT DESIGHNS IM GONNA HAVE OUT SOON so i thank him also shawn from capitalist casualties also hooks me up good stuff i sell stuff at a cool price i give half my profit back to the bands and all not that i have to its just what i want to do help out people that got me off the floor and hes a real good guy and im friends with alot of the west bay coalition im happy of the fact that i met alot of good people on this journey and talking to people that are in the same line as me means alot to me...
i wanted to start MxPxF! i want to help out in the local thrash scene help out kids that do play in bands that are really sincere d.i.y. is refreshing i want to help bands that basically deserve it i seen alot of good bands out there to many fuckin myspace bands

3- Do you plan to make some albums in the future? or will you just keep distributing them??

yeh i and this guy from this band called xanax feast were putting out a godstomper/xanax feast split paul from godstomper hooked me up with him so that was cool and all its good working with all these guys plus i run grindblock records u.s. division for my friend brandy from 2 minutadreka so alot is on my plate but ill manage im gonna be working with avulsion soon i talked to the guys and i belive ryan is not in the band no more so i will work with matt on that one there is a canadian band i want to put out also called john mac lane theres some good bands i want also LAST from japan they are fuckin bad ass i advise all you to check them out http://www. myspace. com/last08
i need to sell shirts and all to put out records so that will remain the same
i will continue doing it for how long i dont know but its been quite a journey doing it

4- What kind of music you generally listen to? Favourite bands?
all kinds lot of experimental jazz ageants of satan no less slap a ham 6x2x5x childrens crusade from stockton california
No Comment
No Comply
Laughing Dog
Charles Bronson
Pissed Happy Children
Man Is The Bastard
Crossed Out
repulsione godstomper Capitalist Casualties
Evolved to Obliteration
Scholastic Deth
What Happens Next?
Bombs Of Death

5- What about concerts in the USA? Hows the scene
situation in the Northern California?

east bay has a good scene west bay other then that u have to know people that know people that know where its all at not really lots of good shows where i live its all in eastbay and so last good show was fiesta grande man that was bad ass i heared i was suppose to go but i got lazy Do you go to them?not really i been going to shows since 1985 when i do hear of a band playing i say im gonna go but i end up fooling myself i just basically run my distro now really dont go to shows not unless its a good band and all eastbay as i said im gonna be helping organize latino fest soon so i will see how that goes in northern california we havent had any big events at all so i been out of step for awhile

6- Do you have any other hobbies beside music?

i like to hang out with my 2 daughters i just got my daughter a electric guitar so she likes to imitate spazz ill put the c.d. on and she plays along to the music or she can sing whatxhappensxnext? alot of kids in the younger generation are to influenced by britany spears and all that other mainstream music i try my best to keep them away from it but i know i can only go so far then it ends i collect japanese robots if that can be considered a hobbie old 80S video games and all trying to get out more i made a new transition in my life so its working out pretty good

7- Crossed Out or Man Is The Bastard?

im scared of all these guys i dont want the wood city dankdaddies comming after me so im gonna say i like all them

8- Plutocracy or What Happens Next?

plutocracy is cool much respect to stinkweed malone i was suppose to put some unreleased stuff out but i dont know what happen stinko went back to school is what i was told

9- Spazz or Capitalist Casualties?

i like all these bands they are all amazing bands and the guys are all cool people just alot of different bands with different sounds id say all of them i love them all west bay coalition always had there shit straight

10- Ok, thanks a lot for the intie, any last comments?

i want to thank you fibro for giving me the time and day thanks to paul acevedo from godstomper for all the hook ups max ward brian stern for the hook up on distro shawn elliot from capitalist casualties sissy from maximumn rock n roll agro mosh whoop ass zine!!repulsione luigi mateo lenzi mike sweeney xanax feast EDGAR RAMIREZ THE HOMIE FROM AxRxMx black market fetus hypo christians ryan from avulsion and my wife ALICIA FOR HELPING ME OUT THROUGH ALL THIS till then see you in the pit

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