sabato 30 agosto 2008


***Compost- Frigoverre demo cd-r, self released
Hailing from Rome, here's the demo of Compost, a goregrind trio.
The demo consists of 8 tracks, some titles are pathologic, some others are about fun like "Bong" or "We are veget-arians"
The sound of this demo is really good if you consider it's a demo, nice studio recording and clear sounds. The vocals are most of the times piggy, reminding of the style of some brutal death bands, the only time pitch shifter is used is in the short songs "Bong" and "Uaui". Guitars and bass create a good souding filth, but sometimes, in my opinion, the riffs are a bit too "metal" and this create a strange sound, imagine to have Gut sounding guitars but with metal riffs (the clearest example is the song "Syphilistic suffering"). Drums mainly focuses on mid tempos but blasts are part of the songs too, the drumming kinda reminds me of some CBT tempos.
Best songs are "Intercooler", "Ergotism" and "Uaui", but also the rock n roll vibe of the intro of "We are veget-arians" is enjoyable.
Considering that this is a demo it's a good release, the only things I suggest are:
-Piggy vocals are sometimes boring if used for a long time, so try to insert some variations
-Some riffs are too metal and weak for the genre, so try to make more powerful ones next time!!
You can contact them on Compost myspace page

Here is the demo (downloadable for free so say thanks to Compost!!!)

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