martedì 11 agosto 2009

***Los Crudos- Canciones para liberar nuestras fronteras, Lengua Armada records 1997

Yeah. Pretty famous one. It was a long time I wanted to upload this for some reasons. The first comes from the fact that since I saw good words upon the music, and their lyrics too, almost everywhere I looked at, I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere on the web, so when I got a copy of this LP I finally realized why there was such a big hype about them. I love their fast and aggressive style, it's a concentrate of anger and intensity and their lyrics are politic oriented but in some way personal, and very straight to the point.
Also the package of this re-issue is awesome, the cover is screenprinted on a piece of corrugated cardboard and there's a booklet included too.
If you missed this, in my opinion, you missed one of the best records of the 90s (and that's the second reason), so here's your chance to listen to it!
And also, for those who still hasn't read their lyrics you can find them on the pdf file I uploaded with the scannings of the whole booklet at 150dpi quality.

A1 That's Right We're That Spic Band!!!
A2 Poco A Poco
A3 Sueltalo
A4 Migra Violencia
A5 Viejos Pateticos
A6 Esto No Trae Precio
A7 Del Pasado A El Presente
A8 A Los Inseguros
A9 Tomado Los Golpes
B1 No Existen Palomas Blancas En Mi Barrio
B2 No Va Haber Revolucion
B3 Quien Es El Pendejo Mas Grande?
B4 Que Pasa Con La Paz?
B5 Metiendo Sal En La Llaga
B6 Vas A Regresar?
B7 Hardcoregoismo
B8 Naciste Con Voz

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