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Cacasonica intie!!!

Cacasonica is one of the best act of South American noisecore in these days. I knew them when an italian label released their split tape with Gorgonized Dorks. I still haven't heard the tape but since then I started to try to track down releases and contacts from the band and I managed to arrange an intie with Paul Troya, the singer, so here it is!

1- Hey guys, how's life?

Hello friend ... I'm happy to answer your interview thanks for the opportunity .. we are all doing fine.. borrachos and amarihuanados.
(Apologies for the fucking poor english) speak spanish or die

2- When did you start Cacasonica? Why? Were you playing or you still play in other bands?

The band was born in 2005 in Guayaquil - Ecuador. Cacasonica is the result of what each of the members have in their brains: lust, women, psychotropic substances, video games, pleasures, what we love, what we hate, its a way of expressing extreme and libidinous thing via shouts and distorted sounds, it's real fun
Our lyrics are grotesque, vulgar, often offensive, express excitement, joy... love the amimals, plants, rivers, seas, pechugonas and nalgonas women... el amorrrrrrrrrrr
Cacasonica hates fascists, nationalists, anarchists, satanism, vatos (it's a way to call people with shitty attitude), police, religions.
Cacasonica members have been involved in the world of extreme hc grindcore noisecore from the early 90s, playing in bands like:
PATRICIO OJEDA (Drums): Antitrust, Operación Canguro, Infexion, Rebelión Disidente, Mestural Noise Madness
FABRICIO CASTRO (Bass): N.P.H. (RIP), Ruido De Odio, Kaos, P.N.I (RIP)
JUAN CARLOS VASQUEZ (Guitars): Enfermos, Pepe 7 Plagas (RIP), La Demencia Extreme, N.AP.A.
PAUL TROYA(Vox): Colico, Rebelión Disidente, Operación Canguro , La Pipa De Los Mil Maturos

3- The stuff I heard is incredibly intense and raging, it takes the best parts of hardcore and noisecore and it mixes them together, what are the bands that inspire you? When was the first time you heard grindcore/noisecore? What do you think of modern grindcore?

We have heard many bands...Not just listen to noisecore extreme hc grind noise bands but also other genres (harsh, electronics, industrial etc) like 7 Minutes Of Nausea, Impetigo, Lärm, Anal Massaker, Patareni, Carcass Grinder, Think Shit, Cripple Bastards, Denak, GG Allin, Armenia, Merzbow, Masonna, Anal Cunt, Le Scrawl, Extreme Smoke 57, Unseen Terror, L.P.D.L.M.M, Yacøpsae, Tumor, Undinism, White House, Meat Shits, Vomit Spawn, Gut, Blood (old ones), Agathocles, Napalm Death (old ones), Real Reegae, Final Exit, The Gerogerigegege, Fuck On The Beach, Fear Of God, Nasum, Regurgitate, Hellnation, Spazz, Rupture, Daft Punk, Olho Seco, Cabaret Voltaire, Deche Charge, Dahmer, Rectal Pus, Colico, Exulceration, Notoken, Kaos, Siege, Pesmenben IV, Negative Approach, Suicidal Tendencies, Vaseline, Mukeka Di Rato, A La Patada, Yesmeansyes, Bad Brains, Rupture, Vivisection, Senseless Apocalypse, N.P.H, S.O.B., Infest, Heresy, Charles Bronson, Hellhouse, Motörhead, No Comment, Electro Hippies, W.B.I, Crossed Out, Assück, World, Aunt Mary, Satanic Malfunctions, Nuclear Assault, Carcass (old ones), S.P.K, Sore Throat, Chancro Duro, KK Null, Minch, Placenta, Sonic Youth, Repulsion, Terrorizer, Cryptic Slaughter, The Accüsed, Romantic Gorilla, Aphex Twin, Atari Teenage Riot, Einsturzende Neubauten, Celio Gonzalez, La Sonora Matancera, Bienvenido Granda, Silvana Ibarra, Toni Boleta, and I'm pretty tired of writing all these bands.
I (Paul Troya) started listening noisecore / grind noise when I was 13-14 years old (1993-94) About New grindcore, it does not bother me until is not mixed with death or drum machine… grind gore these days is just fashion.

4- What are your plans for the future? Should we expect something groundbreaking?

For the future we will continue playing and recording new masterpieces for possible splits, tapes or 7”, traveling to other cities to play good rock and roll... and keep the little noisegrindcore scene in Guayaquil alive. So far we have these releases available:
Cacasonica /Kriminalistica Split cd-r pro (Kontestario rec– Ecuador)
Cacasonica/Colico Split cd-r pro(M.E.L.C. rec- Ecuador)
Cacasonica/Gorgonized Dorks Split tape (Rotting Abortion rec- Italy)
Cacasonica/Kerenaneko Split cd.-r pro (R.O.N.F records- Spain)
Cacasonica/ Cap 3 Leg Split cd-r pro (Mortville records- Usa)
V/A netcompilation R.O.N.F. records (Spain)
Next releases:
Cacasonica/Penis Enlargement 7”(Italia)
Cacasonica/Gripe Anal tape (Ecuador)
Cacasonica/Melanocetus Murrayi (Grecia) (need labels)
Cacasonica/Exacerbación split tape (Costa Rica) (need labels)
V/A War of the worlds (Italia)
Cacasonica/Operación Canguro 7” (Ecuador)(need labels)
4 way split Abundante ruido subterráneo IV (Peru)

5- You come from Ecuador, a South American country known for its noisecore/grindcore primitive bands like Ruido De Odio, NPH, A La Patada, Mundo De Mierda and the obscure legendary split between Chancro Duro/W, what are your favourites? How's the scene nowadays? Is there a lot of interest for grindcore, noisecore and extreme music? Do you play a lot of gigs there? Any new bands you would reccomend?

I love the scene of the late'80s until the mid-90 "with many bands of Guayaquil as NPH, A La Patada, Okapi, Mundo De Mierda, Infexion (old ones), S.D.R, Defecación Bucal, Excremento Putrefacto, 2 Semanas Con Diarrea, Armenia, Acérrimamente, Estúpida Melodía, Zombie Skindhead, Guañusca, Gonorrea Of Lips, W, Notoken, Ruido De Odio, Dafosm, Malignant Circuncixion and bands from Quito like: Chancro Duro, N.Ch and Brutal Masacre.
The scene in Guayaquil is very small here there are not many noisecore or grind bands …in the city there are many punk, death or black metal bands, but there are few good bands in Guayaquil, Quito, Manabi and Ambato like Colico,Menso Noise, Arcano 18, Tumbaburros, El Muermo, Infiltro, Asfixia, Lucho Perucho, Gripe Anal, Fonograma Trapex, Cirrosis, Hemorragea.
6- Do you guys have any hobbies beside music?
Patrick works at a telephone company, his hobby is to go with hookers and collecting music.
Fabricio is a painter and refrigeration technician. his hobbies are getting drunk and take a walk with travenstites.
Juan Carlos does not do anything, his hobbies are girls and drugs
Paul: work on something, his hobby is smoking marihuana, annoying whores and collecting tapes and vinyls

7- Anal Cunt or 7 Minutes Of Nausea? Hardcore or noisecore? Tape or vinyl? La chepa o el culo-la

Cerveza o el wisky-cagar o comer…Everything is good

8- Ok thanks a lot, intie's over. Last comments?

Thanks again for the opportunity and thanks for listening to Cacasonica-(psicotrópicomorbogrindinsanocore) good luck with your zine and label!
for contacts (splits, interviews, comments, insults, records, tapes vinyls) write to:
Pato (
Comegato (
Mimosin (
Me, Paulito (
Or snail mail to:
09 – 02 – 191 A

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